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  1. i read the first book and thought it was ok but i felt it was more a book aimed at teenagers any-one else think like this? i read a lot of Rankin, Kellerman(both hubby and wife)patterson, jd robb ,kathy reichs etc
  2. there is an old irish song that comes to mind when i read the comments on this subject one line in particular says the strangers came and tried to teach us thier ways and scorened us for being what we are but they might as well go chaseing after moonbeams or light a penny candle from a star
  3. strange that the scottish government (or was it king alex)decided to delay the timing of the choice of preferred bidder for the ferry service to coincide with the local council elections methinks scottish government is a thorn in shetlands side can we begin to gather enough dane guild to buy our freedom
  4. i thought the minimum speed on a motorway was 30 that is why slow moving traffic isn't allowed on the motorway i.e. tractors mopeds etc
  5. up in hillswick i've never had a problem once i had to phone dr about 7.00(been up all night crying in pain)dr was in my house within 15 min i did get a lecture about NOTcalling him out earlier often i've phoned and got an appointment for next day asked for same day appointment a couple of times and got them
  6. the freecycle group does well down in the mainland,shetland has a freecycle group when it started i got and gave away a couple of things. shetlink has by virtue of it's popularity taken over from freecycle no-one is forcing anybody to give their stuff away for free but the option is there
  7. i got the impression it was a head office decision
  8. i've been looking for a cheap alternator for my car. i was thinking of all the scrapyards down the road and wondered why shetland doesn't have one or more would it be a good idea for the firm that picks up the scrap cars to offer this service?
  9. had small fish supper at week-end from fort and got the usual one fillet
  10. my favourite and suits local government at the moment big fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite them but little fleas have lesser fleas and so ad in finitum
  11. don't know the name so not sure if already mentioned the cupcake place on the streel near the fort only does light snacks quiche.sandwich soup and of course lovely cupcakes
  12. in everything i have read i can not find the alternative i would think that is the most sensible . go for isle of man status this could invite a large amount of rich buisness people if the tax incentives were inviting and possibly be very acceptable to the oil industry
  13. from 1989 till garages went totally on to litres lerwick was 10p or so a gallon more than aberdeen if they could maintain that differential then how come they can't now
  14. i thought buisness retailers were supposed to have a notice in their premisis stating they charge x amount for card transactions best to ask trading standards if you have been ripped off as banks are now suffering for their rip off charges then you can get recompense for covert overcharging
  15. i use central garage for my trike mot but burra motors and jims garage lerwick does class3 aith was going to send someone to train but dont know if they have someone may enlighten us
  16. i would consider a system to save on energy bills but untill the planning regulations on wind generators is removed i will not bother the power providers no doubt have the scottish parliament in their pocket as far as letting the masses have free planning so i will have to pay them their blood money
  17. i get it also just try again in 5mins.
  18. anyone know of a baker in Shetland that still bakes bere meal bannocks or bread ?
  19. when will we be free of this bunch of money wasting incomptent back scratching loonies in the town hall they should be made to pay part of the money wasted from their inflated renumeration and any back handers they receive
  20. whit we need is twartree shetland nights in local halls ta learn folk da dialect a poem or twa (dats a scottish wird) wid do tirval wid ding dem fir a start
  21. the grammer and usage of the shetland dialect was reprinted but i do not know if it is still available if it is would it not be good for the younger generation to have a copy available in every school to let them see da midder tongue
  22. how do you think old shetlanders like myself feel my grandmother helped to construct the book called grammer and usage of the shetland ldialect most of the shetland toung has gone except when i visit the outer isles i still hear old phrases used till neist ook
  23. if people read ancient history and scientific papers etc climates have been swinging to and fro for centuries a good book to look for is one called uriels machine this is a good starting point for your own research the government has jumped on the green hysteria machine to extract as many dollars from the working man as they can justify without being voted out of office
  24. the english language is rather confusing at times why not go back to a pure language latin ok see de neist ook
  25. perhaps some might like to read a book called grammer and usage of the shetland dialect when in rome etc
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