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  1. na pikters wis i hid some noo da archives might hae een or twa
  2. yea i mind da 1947 winter great fun bigging iglos at da end o da hoose hed ta dig 5 steps up fa da ootside door ta get oot great fun
  3. hi fiona i ordered stuff at xmas took a week don't know about stuff instore you could ask when you order it
  4. paul b has nearly hit the nail on the head the houses could be rebuilt or refurbreshed by the croft tennent and let out and as i said could be sold off at a reasonable price after decrofting
  5. its not the croft that is the problem it is the cost of decrofting a house if the crofters comission would work with the local authorities and reduce the cost or absorb the cost of doing so their would be a large no of rebuildable properties available for the younger population to rebuild for their use and encourage local comunities to expand so creating a viable rural lifestyle in shetland
  6. perhaps everyone has missed the point in the discussion a lot of "derilict " houses come under the crofting acts and are in the possession of the croft holder until they are decrofted just another thread in the discussion
  7. would support seafood resteraunt if it is not another rip off eatery as is the norm in these islands
  8. just a thought if the tax man gets his cut on profit from black fish landings is he profiting from the proceeds of a crime ?
  9. is this another government ploy of devide and conquer we need a norwegian co to get in on the act
  10. all of jim's are mobility dealers as well if you go into each garage they have a list of what cars they do unfortunately each garage only has their own make
  11. hi if you look at the mobility web site it tells you all cars available on mobility how much of a deposit(at least 50% free dearer cars a small deposit)also how much of your allowance again the smaller cars might not use up all the allowance there is also a way of buying a car with money but there is age of car restrictions i'm not sure if all dealers work with this i'd think if the car you decide has a shetland dealer it would be better to get it here as easier to deal with repairs/services/tyre changes etc.all of these things are paid through mobility as is insurance remember that if you go with buying you pay the above you get a good millage now 60k over 3 years
  12. we use around 1000 lt approx. 4 radiators 1 bedroom croft house varies at the moment 2 hr in morning then 8 hrs at night but from march-sept/oct only hot water no heating
  13. i work in the tesco in lerwick and although we are not told to engage in chit chat we are asked to be polite and friendly you can usually tell which customers are willing to talk beyond the " hello how are you" and i like to talk to different people and have become quite friendly to some of the regulars obviously when we are very busy we can't talk but when quiet i have seen myself talking to some-one for 10/15min
  14. has anyone noticed that the scottish parliament has not changed the planning law to allow individuals to erect small wind generators perhaps the large generators would curtail certain payments if they did i am working on an idea gleaned from a web site to run my workshop for a few pence if i can obtain the requisite parts so i can cock a snoot at the fat controller
  15. i think the direction of wind has a lot to do with whether they sail or not
  16. any-one any idea what's happened to power phoned and a recorded message said most of shetland and probably not on till to-morrow
  17. whin in shetland you just go with the flow let off steam complain (mostly about the weather or the cost of transport of goods to the islands ) and keep up with the local gossip
  18. i have had some good advice/answers to my questions here
  19. i notice that the police have just launched their annual don't drink and drive(or take drugs and drive) campaign and i was just wondering does it do any good or a waste of money in my mind if some-one is going to do the above they won't stop and say 2oh i won't because the police are doing their campaign" they will just go ahead like they do the rest of the year
  20. woke up fri morning to find no back window on car and car filled with water
  21. fionajohn


    hi talking to some-one to-day and they said that the staff in the co-op have been told that it's shutting in feb i thought it was the 14 being made redundant he was talking about (this was in the paper)but he was adament it was the shop that was shutting any-one know if it's true
  22. i hae twartee tilly lamps in different states o decay if do's interested
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