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  1. walked by the bank of scotland to-day and the hole in the wall was beeping there was a £10 note stuck in it i've handed it into the bank i'd imagine if the person who has lost it goes in stating the time they used machine it will get returned
  2. sorry I confused it a bit (I've calmed down a wee bit now) I said I didn't need the catalistic converter bit as I had decatted it last time I replaced the exhaust the exhaust came to about £400 + vat then the extras labour was only £36 hubby things he was told £250 + fitting as vat wasn't mentioned we assumed that was included in price if he had said £250 +vat + fitting we would have done it ourself for £235 a bit of a difference also unfortunately it's been paid
  3. phoned lerwick garage regarding a price for my peugeot partner-combi car said i didn't need a cat and was told £240/£250 to-day it was fitted and i was charged just over £500 ok they did an extra small job charged £24+vat for that but surely any GOOD retailer would let the customer know that the goods are double what was originally quoted so the customer could source from else where p.s. i could have got of ebay for £235 and hubby would have fitted but thought give local business the trade
  4. i'm a child of the 70's but i only reconise about 5% of the above songs i was into bowie. mick ronson,slade,mud.gary glitter,sweet all the glam rock bands i stopped listening to pop music around 1975 dso are the above bands 75-80
  5. i have had some issues with couriers versus postage some dealers are offered a backhander by couriers to use their services therefor when i asked for postal charges they politly tell me to f o i then tell them they are off my christmas list (in a delicate way !!!!!! )
  6. i don't know if person concerned will see this buy i'll give it a try i would like to say thanks again to the gentleman who came over and helped me on sunday after i fell at leask's petrol station apart from a few cuts, bumps and bruises (mainly to my pride) i'm alright i did email the above to the shetland times letters page but they emailed back saying it was an advert and wanted over £10 to print
  7. land already decrofted belongs to a relative our house on the land and relative will let us buy the bit around our house hence the token £50 for land
  8. notice that first page says eurocarparts deliver free site is quoting £17.95 for shetland
  9. also any one got an idea how much to buy the land my house is on seller said around £2000/£2500 for fees which seems a lot if above only paid £850 no land included except i think 1 metre around house and token £50 for the land
  10. do you know the price of fuel in shetland some of us cannot afford to travel without a specific reason (i.e. food medical or collecting something necessary ) the council could have specific old quarries designated to depositing bulky unwanted articles for disposal outside the usual skips then they could collect when the amount was worth while if the cut backs continue we will be back to the old days of the nearest cliff and let the sea claim the (bruck)
  11. just wondering any-one know who's best for car battery
  12. has anyone used parcels to go couriers ihave had a problem but cant find a phone no as they seem to hide behind a screen of usless email contacts and refuse to leave a contact no (*** mod edit - post moved to existing thread ***)
  13. i sat with a friend for most of a day and night while she agonised over whether to have an abortion or not it wasn't an easy decision that was over 30 years ago and even now she sometimes has regrets but knows it was the best solution for her what i am against is "abortion on demand" again this was over 30years ago a woman around 20 was in the hospital i worked in she didn't believe in contraception and had an abortion her 6th in 2 years this i feel is wrong and would like to think wouldn't happen to-day but you never know
  14. i also reserve online and annette brings it right to my door
  15. i left my lights on just at bank of scotland and 3 or 4 came out of camera shop to push me back to wee hill going down to tsb i would say over and above service and if any of you here a big thank you
  16. i have just read an article on using a mobile phone to open and lock your car or any car come to that i tried it out on our car (after removing the key from the ignition ) and it works now how do you secure your vehicle clamps chains whatever
  17. hi any-one know what happened to the wee garden billy set up at the recycle in rovas head was there to-day(sun) garden more or less gone the model galley gone and all the gnomes had their heads cut off have heard that it was a disgruntled member of staff
  18. any-one know if the park and ride into town is compulsery i have been told it is to all but blue badge holders[/b]
  19. hi does anyone know how many trikes there are in shetland as in road legal trikes
  20. my neighbours (over 80 one disabled and one bedridden)got a settee from COPE only £5.00 to get it delivered to hillswick but they charged £30 to take old one away the reason being they said was because they got charged to dump it some-one else said that they thought as COPE was a charity they didn't pay to dump stuff does any-one know the truth
  21. the one thing that gets up my nose is the sic have croft houses falling into ruin on their estate and they will not sell the ruins to someone who would reconstruct them thereby helping keep a rural area alive and create jobs in the doing so i know as i have been asked about a local ruin which a great number of people have approached me about the change to the crofting laws would assist them in this area
  22. leask's diesel is DOWN £149.9
  23. hi i prefer prarie chicken stewed roasted or in a pie scoories hae nae meat on dem
  24. hi i think peter hurson at ollaberry garage does alloys phone 01806544214
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