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  1. any-one heard what's happening with pizza i would have thought it would be up and running by now
  2. we can only hope that Norway and Denmark can come up with enough Danegeld to buy us back
  3. Has the London jokers done any better for Shetland .....show me one instance when they have helped us ...we need to go back to our Nordic roots ...look at Norway and Denmark for instance they have a very buoyant stable governance
  4. i go to aberdeen for scans only takes 10mins but scanner in shetland not accurate enough i'm sure plenty of people are in the same boat. i also have had phone consultations so they do happen
  5. patients already have the choice of air/ferry but air was the preferred method can any-one say roughly what the price difference is?
  6. it's impossible to do above in a day spinner ferry leaves 5 or 7 and arrives in aberdeen at 7or 7.30 the next morning that is assuming it's not leaving early or late due to weather conditions to-nights boat for instance left aberdeen 5 hours late so will be getting into lerwick around 12.00
  7. in my case they were taking me for a scan every 3 month this was changed last time to every 6 month. the scanner in shetland isn't accurate enough.so the trip would take 3 days off work (at the moment i swap a day off)i'm a bad sailor usually in bed before ferry leaves.i'll have bother walking up to canteen only 3 disabled cabins on board will need an escort so their meals will also be added then also what about patients pain sitting around for hours on end waiting for transport i would like to see some figures from NHS showing the fare difference including the cost of meals etc.
  8. what's every-one thinking about nhs sending most patients by ferry? will it work out much cheaper?
  9. fionajohn

    Toft Pier

    The Norwegians offered to invest in Whalsay but the S I C In their great wisdom refused ..could it be that if they dont make millions out of the local fishing industries they are not interested ...too many outsiders who know nothing of the Shetland way of life running the show
  10. i see Carbuncle still telling lies ...must be an affliction ...how long are the people going to put up with this turd
  11. it used to be a universal price for private customers but surcharges for business don't know if this is still the same
  12. I have never had a parcel force item delivered on time ....a lways a day or six late ..i can prove it by feed back to seller delivery to the isles is a joke ..not that i mind as long as it arrives
  13. Build Base in Lerwick have been good on prices lately ...best bet start with them then phone around the builders merchants ...nothing like competiition to get a good price
  14. Full fiscal autonomy is the aim George. That means all taxes collected here will be spent here how we see fit. We are of the opinion that the vast resources here are ours and should benefit the people here first and foremost. If we are to achieve British Overseas Territory status then a deal will have to be struck with the UK Government, if we are relying on them for defence etc then this will have to be factored in. ...can 22000 people pay enough taxes to sustain a social and welfare structure ?
  15. one point ...our oil fund is managed and should be for Shetland ..i have not seen any payments outwith the isle so far but knowing the following of the SIC that could be buried ..the biggest rouge in the woodpile is the Tory turds in Westmonster and their own greed to fill the pockets of oil and any other industry that will fill their coffers come election time
  16. fionajohn

    Toft Pier

    in reply to Breken ..the best thing that could happen is for the fishing associan or l h d to take over the remote piers in Shetland and make sure the fishermen are properly catered for and the leisure industry.. i for one would pay a small fee to use them in the summer ...perhaps the L H T Will come to the rescue at a price
  17. in this politically correct world probably ...bovine rotators ....just a thought
  18. i see Shetland is being punished again for not being an S N P convert ...first the ferries are ignored and now education has got a kick in the teeth ...i was very suspicious of wir Shetland but i think they have more savvy that me ..we should consider the Northern League of Viking countries and look to what they can offer ...we are in the right area of rich waters in more ways than one
  19. hubby has done some-thing to his laptop.on shetlink the print is half the size it should be. i can't see anything on the site to changr it back has any-one any ideas? only shetlink is affected
  20. i do have sympathy to those addicted yes it's their own blame that they started down that path but once hooked it is not so easy to stop even with the help available. i in this day and age NO=ONE should have to go to a food bank to survive how many people on here could last if they were 5 or 10mins late for work ( perhaps because the bus was late) and was told no wages for 10 weeks or more i couldn't
  21. depends how many kickbacks they can get in the back pocket ...plenty of up the road down the road but never touches the road on the books
  22. there was a spiritualtist meeting place in a hall/church around bolts don't know if its still there i'm talking about 18 years ago
  23. with the westminster mob running around like headless chickens at the moment we have an ideal oppurtunity to put the pressure on and offer them a deal .on the oil fields .....half the revenue income to be paid to Shetland tax free and for the life of the said fields in return we get get self governance with all sea areas as agreed and all other controls as in a free nation
  24. fionajohn


    could Shetland join the E U as an independant state ....just a thought ...oil etc
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