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  1. god i hope they get the person/people responsible
  2. hi windows 8 no new programs also i restored computer to a date before problem started laptop is wireless never thought about cable will try another port don't know if i have a spare router have to look i have windows anti virus i'll go and do a full scan now
  3. hi got a wee problem with computer when i switch on i'm unable to connect to internet(ethernet cable) i have to switch router off then on and 3 or 4 times i lose internet while on same thing switch router off and on. my lap top works fine so i assume some setting in my computer but what? any ideas? oh and i also pressed the reset on router that didn't help
  4. funnily enough hubby's father was told years/decades ago that there is a small vein of gold in rona's hill but as it was red granate it wouldn't be cost effective to mine
  5. She should make it ok as appearantly the holyrood big wigs have their own helicopter
  6. as far as i know tesco wasn't interested as the garage is too small it would need something the size of leasks could you imagine the size of queues especially if tesco had a 5p off promotion
  7. i found this interesting https://ahdinnaeken.wordpress.com/2012/08/11/independent-scotland-will-lose-orkney-and-shetland
  8. The reason they have not tested the assertion in my mind is that he could be right ....has no one researched the Danish archives for any old documentation on the Shetland connection with the old rulers of Denmark ...jj
  9. tesco have them occasionally
  10. there appears to be more tories in Shetland than in Westmonster.....by the way things are run i will need to be convinced otherwise
  11. there was a bit on facebook which might be correct the uk gov. and the bank of england issued instructions to the world NOT to accept scottish bank notes this was after the reformendom
  12. my cough never been too bad very little flem but hubby has very bad cough and (his words)brings up string of spaggetti he was the one that went to Dr it was that bad he must have been bad i can count on one hand the number of times he's been in the last 10 years
  13. hi Dr says it's not a flu but a winter virus i'm coming up for 3 weeks hubby a few days less i've got cough and muscle/joint pain hubby got nasty cough and muscle/joint pain
  14. there is a certain clique in the council who can be influenced by the club they belong to ...hint..hint ..this should be made illegal as is terrorist groups ....but then the tory gov is run by them and their backers
  15. i have a mobility car they also use enterprise who sub-contracted with star to give me a car
  16. JJ....HERE....The problem we have in Shetland is the powers that be in Lerwick all have vested interested in Lerwick or other business units similar and near to ...nepotism is a very nasty condition as is vested interestes especially by the goat club who literally run the council ...we need a free and open planning department free of council interference and not got at by outside forces
  17. smarmy carmy has just endangered us again ...when will that useless piece of human excrement hand in his notice .....no brains only greed and no respect for the people he is meant to represent
  18. apart from those living in lerwick nearly every-one else has to use a car if they wish to eat out ,in my case it would be half the distance to parkhouse as it is to lerwick so the council is adding to my carbon footfall. it would also give much needed employment in the north end as we can't all work at sullon voe
  19. thanks for that apparently messager was disabled
  20. i'm unable to access my messages for the last couple of days only have the wee square with wee man in it
  21. someone methinks is riding on the back of findings looking for a sum of money by writing a thesis on the subject ...untill we get freak monitary values on the subject will we learn the truth
  22. why can't the all the staff work a 5 out of 7 days a week?years ago i was in the ambulance service and our hours were changed to this system a slight rise in pay(could be paid for with the withdrawal of on call money)weekends are just another working day no need for time or double time. bonus of this system is that people could get a routine x ray appointment for these days ensuring that the staff have a workload the same as they do monday-friday
  23. Divide and conquer ...Westmonster ploy that has served them well so far
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