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  1. hi windows 8  no new programs also i restored computer to a date before problem started 

    laptop is wireless

    never thought about cable will try another port 

    don't know if i have a spare router have to look 

    i have windows anti virus i'll go and do a full scan now

  2. hi got a wee problem with computer 

    when i switch on i'm unable to connect to internet(ethernet cable) i have to switch router off then on and 3 or 4 times i lose internet while on same thing switch router off and on.

    my lap top works fine so i assume some setting in my computer but what?

    any ideas?

    oh and i also pressed the reset on router that didn't help


  3. JJ....HERE....The problem we have in Shetland is the powers that be in Lerwick all have vested interested in Lerwick or other business units similar and near to ...nepotism is a very nasty condition as is vested interestes especially by the goat club who literally run the council ...we need a free and open planning department free of council interference and not got at by outside forces 

  4. The pilot study area is presented in VE's Habitat Management Plan, and potential members of the independent advisory group are mentioned in it as well I think.

    But what VE said in that excerpt above, about MSC and Dr. Birnie still irks me! He did not say that "none of the blanket bog...could be described as pristine." He actually wrote that, "It would...be inappropriate to describe the blanket bog within the...site as being entirely 'pristine'."

    He qualified this by stating: "One of the concerns relayed to me [presumably by VE] was that the Viking Windfarm site was generally perceived to be 'pristine blanket bog'", going on to state that this was clearly not the case.

    IMHO, the introduction of the term "pristine" was not very helpful. The crucial thing about blanket bog is whether it is active (i.e., capturing carbon) or not. In fact much of the site that was surveyed was found to be active bog. Some of this was "recovering", meaning that it had been eroded or "modified" but was becoming active again. The key to that is the presence of vegetation in the form of sphagnum moss and cotton grass.

    At no point in his report did Dr. Birnie estimate "that the greenhouse gases already escaping from the wind farm site could be as much as those from one of the major industrial complexes in Shetland." That assumption was made elsewhere in the Addendum.

    Finally, Shetland Amenity Trust, among others, has been undertaking some small-scale peatland restoration measures (there is non-windfarm funding available for this now).The results, to my mind, have been surprisingly encouraging. But applying the measures to large areas of eroded hilltops...not easy!

    someone methinks is riding on the back of findings looking for a sum of money by writing a thesis on the subject ...untill we get freak monitary values on the subject will we learn the truth 

  5. why can't the all the staff work a 5 out of 7 days a week?years ago i was in the ambulance service and our hours were changed to this system a slight rise in pay(could be paid for with the withdrawal of on call money)weekends are just another working day no need for time or double time.

    bonus of this system is that people could get a routine x ray appointment for these days ensuring that the staff have a workload the same as they do monday-friday

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