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  1. i hope the intelligent people reading this post have a good memory of history ....the tories will take your oil...your ..fish ..your sheep ...and any other good earner and give you a lump of rock to live off ...hark back to hellish Scottish lairds and greedy ministers ...the tory backers must be rubbing their hands at the thought of the riches they are going to rob us off.....we will be left with turdy dellings and kale yards an wilks from the ebb ...we already have a bunch of council members waiting in the side lines and their nepotist followers hoping we can be conned ...rant over but decide for yourselves if this is not a good scenario
  2. unfortunatly most of the media is controlled by Westmonster and therefor they must obey the masters on what they put out ...fortunatly Scotland has a different legal system so anyone with a modicum of wit can ignore the would be controllers ...i pray Scotland can be independant shortly then we can function as a fair and careing society not controlled by the higher English elite who are still in the 18th centuary and think we are a part of the empire
  3. grantfield used to sell it from a pump don't know if they still do give them a phone
  4. just had a phonecall from this no..01792917637..proporting to be from a company getting monies back from your bank re charges on account transactions ....do not press any buttons they want and inform your bank
  5. hi davie ...that is why i put it on as they may want to trace the drift and wind direction before it landed ...i think it could only be a couple of days ago a my boat lies on the beach next to where i found it .....yes cant beat a bit of beach combing turns up some jems
  6. while beach combing today i found a strange object ...a fencing post with broom handles protruding but broken off and 4 orange 6inch floats at the top but the most interesting bit is there is a what looks like a serial or tracking no ...the no is ...741913...does anyone know what this is
  7. anti terror squad /drugs squad/any gov dept you can think of worse than the stazi now nothing sacred
  8. live in the country areas ...bury the heavy stuff and burn what can be burned ...if in doubt commit it to the deep never to be seen again and D N A free
  9. If you muddy the waters enough it gets neigh impossible to sort truth from fiction ...that is what the right honourable (now that is a twist on language ) is doing ...if he was an honourable person not grubbing to stay as long as he can bleed the money from the job he woud fall on his sword ..but as he is a person of questionable trust he will contrive to hang on in the hope memories are short (not in the case of the people he decieved )
  10. R E T ..or road equivelent tarrif ...the cost per mile to transport by road ..the last time i worked it out it would cost us in Shetland almost double what we pay already on the Northlink Ferries the only ones who may gain is the inter island ferries (if the S I C DOES NOT HAVE A GET OUT CLAUSE ) correct me if i am wrong
  11. hi up till recently i've been playing on casino type sites for a few years suddenly i'm now getting a warning "viper component has stopped working and will close program" so has any-one any idea whats happened only using about 10% of memory and it's on windows 8.1
  12. hi up till recently i've been playing on casino type sites for a few years suddenly i'm now getting a warning "viper component has stopped working and will close program" so has any-one any idea whats happened only using about 10% of memory and it's on windows 8.1
  13. hi just wonder what every-ones thoughts are are we heading for a 3rd world war or are we too sensible? just listening to the news all the conflicts through-out the world now the possibility of one with Russia/U|kraine
  14. HI I AM 73 YEARS YOUNG so i can remember the real merchant marine and the fishing before the do gooders and the sea cadets got to do it this way cheers brian splice the main brace
  15. john here ....i remember one trip in particular on the old ninian returning from a long trip in the merchant navy when you could walk on the bulkheads when she rolled ..a good friend of mine and i spent most of the night walking around what was then the second class accomadation we got home none the worse for wear i am afraid i have no respect for someone who has only run a cross river ferry taking on a north atlantic ferry they are only out for profit and any excuse to reduce speed or tie up earns them another thousand or so .....brak oot da galley an git some o wir aald salts ta mak dem tink
  16. any-one else having problems logging on tp bt for their emails getting error code 500 and it doesn't reconise password reached a catch 22 with bt they want my account no. don't get paper bills and can't get into email to get old receipt so they can't/wont help
  17. this is another result of being in the EU they set their own parimiters and nobody can figure out what it means ...it suits them as their foreign backers are paying over the odds for dubious quotas from unknown sellers
  18. the older i get the more i see common sense going out the window ....i would rather my lights worked as they should rather than people having to guess what they see
  19. has anyone costed the policing of fly tipping in a vast remote area like Shetland or the cost of installing cameras to watch for this methinks not he council come up with hair brained schemes to confuse the issue and cover their tracks cost cutting is not just about money but the best use of the money available and the planning to use it ....goodnigh from john
  20. Well, it may be showing willing, but the bottom line is its a transference of responsibility, not power, and only a very small one at that. Some might question whether the motivation behind it is a desire to devolve or simply a deck chair shuffling on the Titanic exercise to help make SIC budgets balance more easily by unloading bits and pieces on to others. One which risks becoming a double edged sword for them, unless the transference of responsibility is also matched by an appropriate increase in funding to cover the additional responsibility. The core problem issues I see with CCs is that regardless how much they sit and debate a subject, or who they make recommendations to elsewhere within Government at any level, nobody is obliged to take the slightest bit of notice of one word they say, unless they want to. Nor do they have the ability or means to undertake anything of much note to benefit their local area entirely on their own. Making them nursemaid for a few additional minor local services which already exist and function reasonably well isn't really going to change much. this is called passing the buck
  21. hi yes crofter they were also used for peat roads and remote hill sheep areas
  22. I do not know the legal position as it stands now but unadopted roads were roads leading off from the main highways whether thy be classified A B or otherwise .in other words private roads ...at one time if there were two or more registered dwellings at the point where it joined the main highway the council would consider taking over that road ....the grants paid by community council were to maintain these roads for the good of the occupier
  23. What i find annoying people outwith Shetland and have no concept of rural outlying areas spout opinions just to be noticed put them as far west in a remote area and let them spend a winter like 1947 and then ask them their opinion after living off rabbits and shellfish and if lucky reestid mutton ...tatties and point comes to mind JOHN remembers the 47 snow
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