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  1. i agree pete that who-ever dumps stuff is the one to blame but i've lived in northmavine for over 25 years and have never seen stuff dumped in large quantities like this i've often seen stuff dumped by the kerb in Brae tyres etc which again i've never seen
  2. [MOD - merged "Wot, no Skips?" with "so the council" and renamed "Waste Management" - 07/10/2014] so the council says there is no dumping since the skips went recently near north roe http://i271.photobucket.com/albums/jj133/sheltielass/PIC_0130.jpg
  3. hi can you add a photo on the forum and if so how?
  4. JOHN HERE ....i see Shetland is going to change its name to TORY ISLAND more austerity to come then
  5. another thread to independance what will replace the DVLA and the DWP and VOSA etc and what price will that cost to the people of Scotland .... come on King Alex answer these points
  6. on the grapevine today England will set punitive exchange rates for the Scottish pound wil the Scottish Parliament be allowed to increase the income tax on the English people living in Scotland to offset the difference or will they have to declare a level playing field with England and accept that the Scottish people do not like Westminster politics and it would serve them best to accept the outcome and try to increase trade with Scotland in their favour ?
  7. if jonathan wills wishes to contact me i can offer him an alternative plan but similar to his that i have been working on
  8. its sad to see how people twist the base of my post i never mentioned the nordic connection as regards to the indigenous people what i said waswhy does Denmark not demand the isle back or the dowry paid
  9. the more we dig the more wormes may creep out of the woodwork capt cal has his prospective on it but i have the future of my family and their ability to live in comfort and peace the norse kingdom were not viking pirates as some would think but people forced to survive in the warring climate of the time most were farmers and fishermen
  10. i was of the impression that debts even in international law must be paid with no statute of limitation therefor could Shetland and Denmark collaberate and solve this quandry to our mutual benefit
  11. Shetland was pledged by Denmark to Scotland by marriage but the pledge was never paid so in the passage of time can Denmark recall the debt and claim Shetland as part of their territory .could be a very nice earner as the most oil fields are in near proximity to Shetland considering sea areas and the designated distance laid down for that area
  12. one in gremista behind oceanganics can't remember name i got mine fixed free there through insurance
  13. Denmark please find a document that state that you can reclaim us an release us from the demented ravings of the S N P
  14. hysteria gets votes and the SNP try every trick in the book to get votes
  15. we are shafted whichever way we vote ....if we vote yes can we expect the pound in our pocket to stay the same value wise or will Westminster devalue the Scottish pound to their own gain or will we in Shetland go for the kroner ....Westminster will take revenge if we vote either way and treat us like a wayward child for being so bold as to dare to seperate the UK .... history has a bad habit of repeating itself
  16. most companies will deliver but at a cost i think argos still does the £5 for 5 items through one of the lerwick firms but not sure if there is size restrictions also check tesco direct some of the stuff is delivered free some a charge ie got a gas cooker delivered free to north mainland but paid £5 for a 6ft planter all items can be carriked by one person can be picked up at store for free web site has details also check out local firms some of them are competative
  17. hi colin i got a reply from kodak saying to go to tools then internet options i'm on window 8 got tools but no internet option any idea where abouts i find them?
  18. right i thought i'd fixed my problems BUT printer works when printing from computer i.e. office program won't print from internet google but will from ie must be a blocker or pop-up blocker but where ? any-one any ideas
  19. thanks for that but you lost me it was the router! tried another one and everything working as it should
  20. right kodak 5250 wi-fi printer i had a bad paper jam had to strip it down when i put it back it wouldn't connect to wi-fi scans ok i thought i damaged something so got a kodak esp 3.2 says it's configured to my hub(i assume that means connected) but when trying to download a driver my computer won't pick that up so can both printers have the same problem? or have i missed something
  21. no chance eat them twice a day sometimes when i can get them good oily fish for the old arthritic joints
  22. where have all the makerel gone gone to iceland and faroe every one
  23. yes too much interference in a local way of life get back to reality or let the thought police take over
  24. methinks someone is trying to add health and safety to their C V not a local i presume
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