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  1. ARE YOU A FLY IN THE OINTMENT supported by the westminster gov to discredit the YES NO Vote if not i would be available to discuss your agenda
  2. i suppose a few p45s would not go amiss to teach the miscreants they have lost a good paying job and warn others plenty of others waiting to jump in to the high paying jobs
  3. they have to support their uncles , cousins ,brothers,in-laws and others i will not name to save embarresment on projects that fill their coffers untill holyrood takes control we will suffer at the hands of a corrupt underhand bunch of b?><:<>ds i hope they reply to my accusations and explain their motives john has spoken
  4. unfortunately the sic is afflicted by nepotism and back scratching untill they clear out the family back office the cost of running the office will always be greater than the everyday needs of the genuine article
  5. if we had enough forward and true council members they could push for faroe status an independant area free but supported by denmark methinks this is only a pipe dream as england would declare the oil as their own
  6. are we going to see boarder control with vehicle searches when coming from england this is an ill thought out piece of legistaion by a man desperate to hold on to power and will backfire on him
  7. the way to overcome the sitting council foul ups is to vote every one of the sitting council off and vote for new blood cannot be any worse than what we have
  8. can anyone produce a document relating to the pawning of Shetland to Scotland and who were the signatory to the aforementioned document the proof of the agreement may have a clue as to the length of time the agreement would be in force or a redemption clause contained therein old documents can be found with research if one knows how and where to look
  9. pull the other one its got gold bells on by the way i know of a vein of gold and its not a joke its genuine
  10. i think hillside motors in brae do bikes and trikes
  11. do we get discount for being an offshore island in a british commenwelth territory ? just a thought
  12. i wonder who bought off the oft we will always be at the mercy of the shetland mafia untill we become part of the nordic league
  13. we dont speak gaeick in shetland we speak old nordic see jacob jacobsen book on shetland dialect
  14. in america there is a charge of jay walking simple drivers obey rules how about pedestrians obeying rules
  15. i have ordered a large roll of red material and wood so i will be producing red flags shortly nice to see the council trying to create jobs
  16. tried speedcheck stopped working at .26 hillswick exchange
  17. if you are not careful the ponies wil end up tagged and recorded beyond all sensible bounderies to appease the high leigons of the dogooders and their like pandering to vote begging mps then we will lose more of our island identity to the uneducated city dwellers who always think they know best
  18. if the truth be told on posting the public would not have to speculate i could not know that the food supplied was not provided by the owner of the ponies i was brought up in a crofting way of life and animal welfare was paramount to our survival the media disinformation can twist things to suit the agenda of the people posting these comments
  19. how does the incomers evaluate the way of our climate and the type of animal survival in extreme conditions did anyone enlist the advice of a vet who can test and evaluate the needs of the animal i dont think so the ponies have survived in shetland for more year than i can remember they had bales of hay to help them and were obviously looked to before hay was available the clever dropouts will argue till the cows come home but shelties in general do not starve animals
  20. when travellers move into a council area they should be rounded up and charged £100 per head to pay for the local services they will use on their stay i am sure king salmon would approve an it may encourage them to move on jj
  21. this is typical of the local business establishment holding power over our elected members of the council they can dictate the rules and the council will bow to their demands the only winners are the ferry operators and the mainland motor trade who will sell their wares and the private sellers have a larger audience for second hand vehicles most shelties are very carefull about money and i know of some who also get their mot.s down the road as the garages here cow tow to the god of ministry of transport
  22. you most buy it to read the contents you have commented on if everybody with the intelligence of a normal person stopped buying their garbage they would soon go out of print or are they backed by the right wing brigade
  23. any-one have an update on thr powercuts in northhaven?my heart goes out to those men(and women)trying to fix the power
  24. i agree we ald dug £10 a year braks doon ta 0.027 pence a day even an oap widna mind dat
  25. twice i have drove through brae and saw stuff left at the side of road both times close to where the road bends at the co-op .how often has it been left that i haven't seen?how often in other areas ?
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