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  1. they have to support their uncles , cousins ,brothers,in-laws and others i will not name to save embarresment on projects that fill their coffers untill holyrood takes control we will suffer at the hands of a corrupt underhand bunch of b?><:<>ds i hope they reply to my accusations and explain their motives        john has spoken

  2. can anyone produce a document relating to the pawning of Shetland to Scotland and who were the signatory to the aforementioned document the proof of the agreement may have a clue as to the length of time the agreement would be in force or a redemption clause contained therein old documents can be found with research if one knows how and where to look 

  3. if you are not careful the ponies wil end up tagged and recorded beyond all sensible bounderies  to appease the high leigons of the dogooders and their like pandering to  vote begging mps then we will lose more of our island identity to the uneducated city dwellers who always think they know best

  4. if the truth be told on posting the public would not have to speculate i could not know that the food supplied was not provided by the owner of the ponies i was brought up in a crofting way of life and animal welfare was paramount to our survival the media disinformation can twist things to suit the agenda of the people posting these comments

  5. how does the incomers evaluate the way of our climate and the type of animal survival in extreme conditions   did anyone enlist the advice of a vet who can test and evaluate the needs of the animal i dont think so  the ponies have survived in shetland for more year than i can remember they had bales of hay to help them and were obviously looked to before hay was available the clever dropouts will argue till the cows come home but shelties in general do not starve animals

  6. this is typical of the local business establishment holding power over our elected members of the council they can dictate the rules and the council will bow to their demands the only winners are the ferry operators and the mainland motor trade who will sell their wares and the private sellers have a larger audience for second hand vehicles most shelties are very carefull about money and i know of some who also get their mot.s down the road as the garages here cow tow to the god of ministry of transport 

  7. It is not the council that is dumping this rubbish, and if someone can take the trouble to drive to Saxa Vord to dump rubbish, they could drive it elsewhere. It is the attitude of the residents that could be questioned, or businesses saving on fees. It was reported that dangerous items were being put into skips, also businesses were filling them as a way of saving money for themselves. The council could not just dump the dangerous waste as it could be subject to huge fines, so the cost of the skips was far more.

    The council would be duty bound to segregate the waste, the risk to staff doing this would be increased. Add to that, not everyone got the full use of the skips, the one in Lerwick near the Knab Road junction would be filled within hours during the day.


    Though, looking at the whole picture, there has been two reported dumping of waste in 5 months on here. One could comment, £30,000 each!

    twice i have drove through brae and saw stuff left at the side of road both times close to where the road bends at the co-op .how often has it been left that i haven't seen?how often in other areas ?

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