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  1. i think no-one told the airport staff that a domestic flight was coming in that gate the staff due to it being an imigration gate have standing orders that a passport must be shown.

    a least one woman had the wit to know every-one had some kind of ID with them(they need it to get on plane)so bent the rules and accepted other forms of ID

    the head man should have known what to do

    if they insisted on a passport what were they going to do with people without one(i don't have one)deport them!! to where my understanding of deportation is "removing person from uk soil"so they couldn't send them back to shetland as that is part of uk

  2. also there is a thriving market for 2nd hand goods furniture.fridge.beds etc on here and shetland classifieds on facebook(you have to have a shetland address to join group)

    all sorts going on daily and lots in the £50-£100 price range

  3. You MUST NOT use front or rear fog lights unless visibility is seriously reduced


    what i was trying to say was who decides or how do you decide visibility is seriously reduced?

    i might decide 50 yards is reasonable person a might say 100 yards and person b 25 yards

    could you argue in court that you didn't think visibility was seriously reduced if mr plod stood upand said it was

  4. when do you switch yours on

    driving home to-night i noticed very few cars had their fog lights on.

    it was quite thick, visibility down to maybe 10 yards in places

    I was wondering what the position in law is i.e who decides if you are at fault for not having your lights on or off

    i'll throw it open for discussion

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