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  1. I have some used profile sheets you can have ,please phone ,no pm on 01595 809 282.
  2. We once went to a psychic night at the Sound hall, but it was cancelled due to unforseen circumstances.
  3. Hi Lucy, there seems to be some confusion as to ticks (ixodes ricinus) and sheep keds(melophagus ovinus) they are two seperate species.I have often seen keds in shetland but never ticks. I have seen a dog picking up a lot of ticks on its coat after running through deep heather and bracken, near Rackwick on Hoy, Orkney. Good luck with your search,cheers,Peter.
  4. I remember the late Teenie Christie of Meadowfield Road Scalloway telling me when i was a boy in the 1970s that her father had climbed to the top of the castle. Apparently the Scalloway men found his tales of her father's climbing prowess a bit hard to swallow. So to prove his point he ended up climbing to the top of the castle. Her son, Bobby, still resides in Meadowfield Crescent and I am sure could clarify the details. Good luck. Peter
  5. Do the char in Girlsta spawn in the loch ,or in tributory burns, id be interested to know ,cheers,Peter.
  6. Thanks for the advice, the top link I have is an adjustable threaded one. In the ferguson plough manual it advises using the top link with the two notches in line [sliding type] in almost all circumstances. I will try it at 25'' and adjust accordingly,thanks again ,pete.
  7. Does anyone know the correct length for the top link setting[centre to centre]for using a ferguson 10''double furrow plough on a 135,i would be grateful of any suggestions ,cheers,pete.
  8. Hi, I was just wondering if there was anyone here that is into metal detecting? There doesn't seem to be any clubs up here for folk that are into metal detecting. If there is anyone that shares the same interest as me please let me know, it would be nice to exchange notes with someone in shetland. Thanks Peter
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