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  1. Think they used cat litter in Aberdeen schools to soak up puke. Is it the pupils or staff over-indulging at dennertimes?
  2. Thanks Davie, the browser I found last year recommended for Mac was Brave. I didn't want to install anything else on this imac It's what my pal uses and recommends, and my latest search came up with it again {using Duckduckgo}. I did once find a blog with 'how to update safari without having to update anything else', but I really don't know what I'm doing... or how to un-do things!} I know a Mac user who refused to update any further than Snow leopard - did a lot of audio-editing type stuff, he must have another machine for going online?
  3. Would anyone like a Kombucha scobie? I've no room - I already ferment vegetables and make sourdough and you've to keep well apart to avoid contamination and my hoose is too small. Made a few batches but I've really no room. Kilner jar and some good bottles to go with it Karen, Sandwick
  4. Thank you for your advice. A tech-savvy friend saw my post and got in touch, it's all to do with safari using HTML5 for playing video instead of Flash - over my head...
  5. Is anyone else having problems watching channel 4 online with safari? I have not been able to see anything on the '4 on demand' page at all for a long time - just get a black page - can any other Safari-using folk use it ok? I'm on Safari 13.0.3 {refuse to update the mac any more, keep losing applications, on OS 10.15.1 and staying there} For some reason I can now watch some channel 4 programmes live. Sometimes... I ended up phoning channel 4 a while ago, and they said the problem lay with safari. Has anyone installed another browser that doesn't argue / interfere with safari? {I don't have a TV. No smart phone or ipad... wonky hands and eyes thanks to MS, thinking maybe end up getting a cheap laptop for going online}
  6. ... the current owner is kicking the butt end out of 70 ?? Dunna think Knowsie is just that old? Would have imagined that his son the Head Baker will carry on for a while yet. Those of us that have been very grateful for, and depend on the Bakeshop doing home deliveries would lose out. Can't see a Coop taking elderly and housebound folks shopping lists over the phone and delivering for free- what was their quote about providing a convenient service to the community?
  7. fina


    Tom Kerridge Low Cal Doughnuts - 120 cals each 180ml semi-skimmed milk 25g butter ………………. warm gently in a pan Sieve together- 250g SR flour 1 tsp Baking powder 2 Tblsp powdered sweetener /1 Tblsp caster sugar? {½ tsp cinnamon or ½ tsp chinese 5-spice {optional} Add 1 tsp dried yeast to the warmed milk/melted butter, add 1 beaten egg Add to flour mixture, mix well to a sticky batter Oil a doughnut pan, or use a silicon muffin tray, or a well oiled metal muffin tray Put mixture into a piping bag and pipe into doughring tray, or- spoon into muffin tray {made 12-14} Prove for 1 hour Bake at 210C for 9-10 minutes Brush with melted butter on top, dip into some {golden } caster sugar with cinnamon / 5 spice powder mixed in Cool on a wire rack copied from episode 4 Tom Kerridge BBC Lose weight we
  8. Well done George! A friend has been after an ale plant seed for a while- I could swap you a bit of a 9 year old Spelt Sourdough starter and some 6 year old Rye starter?
  9. Vaccine passports or cards could get stolen, or forged. Maybe the best thing could be to tattoo on barcodes, like in the Robert Rankin Brentford trilogy, or, to Microchip people like they do with dogs? Folk will be clamouring to be microchipped so they can get into pubs, shops etc.
  10. fina


    'Healthy' sugar-free oat flapjacks {can be Vegan, Gluten free} 100g butter / Vegan sunflower marg / Stork… works fine with 50g and 2 bananas 1 or 2 ripe bananas mashed 200g porridge oats / gluten free porridge oats 50g chopped walnuts / mixed nuts / no nuts 30g pumpkin seeds {optional} 30g sunflower seeds {optional} 30g desiccated coconut {optional} 100g or less chopped dates / any dried fruit- pineapple and papaya, raisins, currants, figs, apricots, cherries, plumped dried strawberries are nice, cranberries… or no fruit at all. Or cacao nibs, or chocolate chips {1 or 2 grated carrots -optional} Optional- add 1-3 Tblsp honey to the melted marg Add 1 tsp vanilla essence Preheat oven to 175C / 170 Fan Grease a 20cm square baking tin Melt the butter in a pan- add mashed banana {honey, essence} Mix all the dry ingredients, add the melted butter, mix well- a porridge spurtle makes the best job of it! {Add a little almond milk if too dry?} Spread evenly in the tin, press down firmly - wee silicon spatula is the best. You can sprinkle more coconut / seeds on top & press down well, Bake for 15-25 mins until golden on top and starts browning on the edges and coming away from the sides. Cool in the tin a bit. Tip out in one piece onto a wire rack, cut into squares on a chopping board.
  11. fina

    RIP Spencer Davis

    I never knew they wrote and recorded "Gimme some lovin'." that was in The Blues Brothers til it was played on the radio yesterday. "In 1966, "Gimme Some Lovin'" reached number two in the UK and number seven in the US.[5] The song is ranked number 247 on the Rolling Stone magazine's list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time." {Wikipedia}
  12. How can I send a message to a member? Didn't there used to be a bit on someone's profile you could contact them on? My visual impairments are getting worse, im maybe just not seeing it...
  13. Just seen this advice from JK Rowling on the BBC News site. Didn't know she was married to a doctor? This is very good advice on how to try & avoid pneumonia. "Please watch this doc from Queens Hospital explain how to relieve respiratory symptoms. For last 2 weeks I've had all symptoms of C19 (tho haven't been tested) & did this on doc husband's advice. I'm fully recovered & technique helped a lot. https://youtu.be/HwLzAdriec0 via @YouTube" https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/uk-england-52175851
  14. I always said it would take an alien invasion to unite and sort out the world, all the consumerism, affluenza, myism etc. Jettison the useless 1/3. {Not the telephone hygienists this time though!} I had always envisaged something on the scale of a Vogon constructor fleet not a tiny virus, but isn't it reckoned that all viruses originated off-planet? Nature getting her own back? https://thesecrettruthabout.com/the-georgia-guidestones-mystery/ "THE MESSAGE OF THE GEORGIA GUIDESTONES1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. 2. Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity. 3. Unite humanity with a living new language. 4. Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason. 5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts. 6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court. 7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials. 8. Balance personal rights with social duties. 9. Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite. 10.Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature." Interesting times.
  15. CSmith said- "I hope everybody in that age group / risk category has taken the trouble of arranging an Advanced Directive and has informed their family of their wishes." As someone with a deteriorating long term health condition, I got a set of Advance Directive documents from the organisation 'Digniy in Dying', they all had to be signed by my GP and an independent witness, and are lodged in my hosptal and GP notes. Sure I read a while ago that the Law Society does recognise an advance directive as legally binding- https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/end-of-life-care/advance-decision-to-refuse-treatment/ "Yet another good reason to change the law and allow a dignified exit in the form of assisted dying. " Dignity in Dying are currently planning to ballot every member of the BMA whether they support assisted dying or not? There is concern that a counter-campaign may be funded by the religious Rght from across the pond. Britain is 'outsourcing' its assisted dying, and also losing income as a result- this figure of 10K they bandy about - I priced up a basic package with Dignitas- with only ashes being repatriated and it was nearer 20K - and who can afford that on disability benefits? ... if you're able enough to get there in the first place that is...
  16. I have been saying this for long, vaccinated up to the eyeballs. Nobody is allowed to die nowadays- Doctors getting sued for sick folk dying. Is it connected to the falling numbers in kirks- fewer folk of Faith?
  17. Does anybody have any photos or memories of Rock Crystal? A friend canna mind them at all, but I have some great memories of Robbie belting out "Whiskey in the jar" at the Hop at Jubilee, and at da Fort Carnival dances.
  18. Does anyone know if there is a local charity that collects used stamps? wi this being the season of xmas cards again already...
  19. at times I'm ashamed to be human, let alone white...
  20. The Library came up trumps! The niblings appeared in "The exploits of Moominpapa." Book No4 Well done and thank you to our brilliant library!
  21. Can anyone mind which of the Moomintroll books has the bit where they're on a boat moored at a pier which starts to float away and an embarassed Nibling confesses he couldn't help gnawing through the painter? It's been bugging me for ages! I've been searching for a picture of the nibling online, but no joy. The official Moomin website doesn't have anything on it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Moomin_characters Niblings (Swedish: klippdassar – "rock hyraxes"; compare dassa, "patter or sneak around, walk quietly; (in some areas) hurry up when working; (in child language and rhymes) dance"; also called by the variant name klibbtassar, explained as klibba/klibbig, "to stick/sticky" + tass, "paw" – small aquatic creatures, which chew off people's noses if they are too long for their taste. They enjoy doing the multiplication contests devised by the rather bossy Hemulen's Aunt.
  22. I mind first learnin aboot dat when I was peerie when da man in da messages-van stood ahint his coonter sayin' dat wis da best wye tae warm up. It does work! Den dey made tae- I've heard different fokk fae different areas say that in different contexts- yes, a euphimism - but Is it used differently in different places?
  23. How wid you translate dat into english?
  24. If the windfarms all go ahead, they'll need beds for all the construction-phase workers when they build all the new wide roads, open was it 12 new quarries? All the concrete-mixers, peat-diggers, VHGV drivers, crane drivers etc. Now would be a good time to expand any businesses selling boilersuits, work boots, hard hats, gloves, shoe covers, anything hi-vis' etc. And send your bairns to engineering colleges to graduate as turbine engineers!
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