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  1. https://myshetland.co.uk/calmed-down/ Aliens?
  2. https://myshetland.co.uk/weird-behaviour/ Is there something in the water?
  3. https://myshetland.co.uk/primroses-and-my-great-galoot/ Pretty
  4. https://myshetland.co.uk/normal-dog-walk/ Getting there
  5. https://myshetland.co.uk/happy-belated-birthday-lambie/ My little boy
  6. https://myshetland.co.uk/knitting-with-reins/ Training my dragon
  7. https://myshetland.co.uk/a-nice-ride/ Big girl pants on, with a friend for back-up
  8. https://myshetland.co.uk/new-regimen-2/ Food, no food.
  9. https://myshetland.co.uk/thoughts-please/ Groomers or not?
  10. https://myshetland.co.uk/hugging-minions/ Nothing better
  11. https://myshetland.co.uk/practising-loading/ What good boys
  12. Tis frustrating to say the least. Maybe Shetlink will just die a death. Ok, but let me know please so I can erase it from my bookmark list. Forums have their place. FB is not everything. Some communication would be good. I, for one, would be sad to lose Shetlink.
  13. Recently I haven't been able to post or anything. Keep getting error messages. I did message someone on FB page but no response. Anyone else?
  14. https://myshetland.co.uk/who-is-the-boss/ Constant battle
  15. https://myshetland.co.uk/the-clearing-bug/ Clearing stuff
  16. https://myshetland.co.uk/snow-eh/ Snow?
  17. https://myshetland.co.uk/pepper-pot/ Silly little girlie
  18. https://myshetland.co.uk/happy-muzzahs-day-2/Wonderful Wonderful
  19. https://myshetland.co.uk/newt/ Despot
  20. https://myshetland.co.uk/buckskin-dun/ Duckskin Bums
  21. https://myshetland.co.uk/the-black-ones-next/ Two black ones
  22. https://myshetland.co.uk/what-is-the-difference/ Three oranges
  23. https://myshetland.co.uk/clearing-up/ Equine vacuum cleaners
  24. https://myshetland.co.uk/working-with-dreki/ Walking my dragon
  25. The whole situation depresses me. I feel we (the people) are not being represented. Money talks. Nothing else does. Shetland has been sold to the highest bidder(s). My drawbridge is now up. Permanently.
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