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  1. I agree, Styles, he interrupts and then goes off one oneabout stuff, wasting precious winning competition time! Anyway, many thanks for the flower - cheered me up no end. I am very down today. Not even hungry - that is not like me! Fx
  2. Jo Tonkinson was on the radio - she bides on the westside. and yes, it was me with the broken ankle (we are business partners) that she mentioned!! I also got a mench on Classic FM this morning too from Simon Bates who played a nice piece of Holst for me! World fame, eh?! Fx
  3. Thanks - I've done that already and obviously they do not work on a Saturday, so I will await their call/email next week. Fx
  4. Can anyone tell me if Tulloch Development Ltd are still going? Their Bixter phone number is not working. I want a portal frame shed built whilst attached to an existing one. Any suggestions of builders? There is one in the sooth end who need not be mentioned. Thanks Francesx
  5. I think it is a very strange publication. I could only find it from typing in Page 2 after the link. It was not obvious and I thought the standard was somewhat low. There was a page at the end full of adverts shoved on top of each other. The concept is good, the content misses the spot completely and I just don't really get the point of this publication. Is it me, or is it a little bit on the tacky side? Could be me, though. I am not known for my intellect or much else!!! Fx
  6. Sort of..... Not really sure how or when it happened. I was trying to get one of the Shetland mares into the school to tie her up and put her in a Fatfighters park as she is abit square in shape - leg at each corner type. I took a bad step and my ankle gave way and I fell, got up, brushed myself down, grumbled abit. Later (4 hours or so) I was walking down the steps of our lorry (for horses plus living accomodation too). When I put my left foot on the ground, it just buckled and I sat in a muddy puddle crying. Got up in my own time, hopped to grassy knoll and took off Blundstone boot to see ankle swelling up hugely and it hurt alot. Went to Casualty GBH where I was x-rayed and plastered up all in 2 hours - on a Saturday evening too. So that is me. No Royal Highland Show, no walking for 4 weeks, then 2 weeks walking then plaster off. I am not a happy bunny. I will miss the Scottish Chamber Orchestra thingy - I put my name down for that and can't imagine how to get to Lerwick let alone hobble around Anderson. I hate my crutches but I have invested in a Limbo (plastic cover) so I can have a shower without getting my plaster wet. Thank the Gods for Apple - I have the iBook to play games with, check my emails and actually do some work on my websites, the iPod to listen to Jeeves and Cadfael on at night plus play games and my iMac with remote to listen to iTunes or Classic FM. I am currently composing a rather fetching ditty on GarageBand. Fx
  7. Stingray. Sad, sad day. I may have to give up Neighbours now. Fx
  8. Raspberry flavour? Pens are safe with me. I am guarding them now! Blood poisoning is not an option today. Boredom, yes! Fx
  9. I am not going to die, only from boredom, from watching daytime telly! Dross, total dross. I have been outside this morning, sitting in a chair with my leg up, reading. Very nice. ANyway, back to the ice cream, any flavour which includes chocolate with chocolate, dipped in chocolate with a hint of chocolate, sprinkled with chocolate!!! Fx
  10. Dear Mr Bigmouth Please can you go and buy me a Thorntons Ice Cream. I have broken my ankle and am stuck sitting on the sofa for 4-6 weeks. Thank you very much. Francesx
  11. Probably scared it might float out the door on a high tide!
  12. Well. I have just driven past the sign...... and it did not float my boat. In fact, I would go so far as to say it was horrible and totally out of keeping with its environment. It looked like a project in "welding for beginners". Sorry, but there it is - hideous and no asset to Shetland. I even prefer the weirdie pipe man outside the Shetland hotel - and that is strange!
  13. A pony! It's all I ever wanted. My parents said no and sent me to boarding school. If they didn't want to see me, all they had to do was buy me a pony and I would have been far less trouble.......3 boarding schools later, I left home the day term ended.
  14. My granny met Elvis Presley! She thought he was Engelbert Humperdinck!
  15. To be honest, da SWRI reports are one of the highlights of the paper. I've long suspected that they must be eating some funny buns at their meetings before they come up with some of their competitions. Canna remember which area had it, but there was one a few years ago that awarded a prize for the most interesting use of mince. I wish they'd explained what the winner actually did with it. Sorry for the off-topic reply. My personal favourite too! I love it!
  16. Jacqueline du Pre's sister taught me the flute!!! Also, I make films - they are featured on Channel 4's documentary website, FourDocs. My mum is a famous sculptress. My sister was on the panel for choosing the UK entry for Eurovision many years ago!!! Aaaah! Fame indeed! oh yes, and Bernard Levin trod on my toes at a concert.
  17. Euw! PS I thought Stuart Hill did the commentary for Its a Knockout! Could be wrong!
  18. Frances144


    You go to the building straight ahead at turning for passenger carpark for Northlink (there is an Argos sign on it, you can see it from the main road). The office is on the water side. They mostly have the up-to-date catalogue. I think it is run by SBS now (they have a phone number, can't remember it!). Get catalogue, peruse at leisure then order. You can phone your order in but get them to check whilst you are ordering whether it is in stock. It usually takes a week if it is in stock. If not, back order. For every order form you fill in, you pay about £6 postage and that will get it the Lerwick office. You can fit about 6 things on an order form and it is £6 for the lot, not per order. It is not a bad service. Can have hitches if you don't think before Christmas. Also have alternatives - quite alot of stuff is out of stock. Argos do not necessarily have the best prices I have found, especially electrics. There always Amazon too. Good luck!
  19. I was told, and do not shoot me down for this as it is someone else's maths, that it would be cheaper per year not to own a car but to pay for taxis, even rent a car for a day, when you want to go anywhere. So, the money you would have spent on a car, ie running costs, insurance and tax saved up is more than a taxi a couple of times a week to Lerwick or wherever. Not sure how realistic that is, but it is a thought.
  20. Think about driving to Brae and back for servicing - not very near or economic on petrol if you are not normally in the area! Yaris - ask Jim about secondhand ones. He usually has some. Aygo - I would happily admit to driving one. Maybe I should sell you my Yaris and then go and buy myself an Aygo!!! If you want to try one out, Jim's Garage (ask for Monica) will let you borrow one for a few days and you can see what you think and ditto for the Yaris - well, they did for me! Insurance is cheaper for Aygo and also car tax is much less. Fx PS Deals south - may look good but add the cost of the ferry and you are looking at another £350 to get the bloody thing here. Lifeline service, my ass! (sorry....) and if you get another car south, the garages here can get abit sniffy and charge more for servicing (their rate per hour goes up for non-bought in Shetland) and also will not give you a car to run about in whilst your's is in for servicing/mending, which is a pain if you do not live on a bus route. PPS If you get your car from south sent up without you on the ferry, the car goes are freight which is another word for extortion! Make sure you are sitting down when you talk to Northlink!
  21. I have this O'level (educated in England, sorry!). Anywho, I bought a nearly new Yaris (1.0) from Jim's Garage. I considered the C2 and the Aygo. I really wanted an Aygo but they were only just out and very difficult to get hold of one so I opted for the Aygo as I wanted a small immediately. Dear little Yaris - very economical, cheap to run, service and insure and tax. I think the Aygo may be a bit cheaper but there are no second-hand ones around yet I was told as they are relatively new. There may be one by now. I have not had a moment's misery with my Yaris and would thoroughly recommend Jim's Garage. If you buy from them, they will give you a car to use when your's goes in for a service, which is incredibly useful and few garages seem to do this anymore. Also Yaris' hold their value for re-sale fairly well, especially the top spec range. The Yaris is well made, well thought out and well designed. It trundles along perfectly well and I use and abuse mine thoroughly. I bought one that had two years' guarantee on it. I decided to not buy a Citroen as Brae is too far for me to go just to get the car serviced. I would not normally be in that neck of the woods. I also looked at a SmartCar but servicing would be difficult as there is no dealership here and they seemed to think that would invalid any warranty (which I am not sure is true). Good luck - pm me if you want more info. I went into all this car thing in huge detail last year!!!
  22. Dunno, I'll ask them....... ..... they said they don't mind! Now, please can we have one?
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