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  1. My father's military dress sword! OH says his collection of winkle-picker shoes!
  2. Went to the Tesco car-park which was full with few spaces, had a panic attack remembering supermarkets south at Christmas with similar parking scenario, so went to an empty Co-Op instead. The Co-Op could have made the most of its moment or thought to try and keep its faithfuls, but instead there was absolutely no evidence of any price cuts or saver deals just signs on shelves telling us that their prices are lower with no actual evidence or comparisons. So, I think once the dust settles abit at Tesco, I shall take the plunge and see what like.
  3. Well. I have had to get one of my rear tyres repaired as a stone chip dug itself into a brand new tyre. Dug a hole into it.
  4. I'll tell you what I overheard three tourists saying yesterday, whilst walking down Commercial Street..... "Is that all there is? Oh" I think this Tesco pricing policy will make local retailers sit up and think! Perhaps some could even concentrate on their staff's customer service skills to entice the shoppers to spend their money locally.
  5. Syrup sandwiches and sugar in an eggcup to dip into while you're watching telly!?
  6. Abercrombie & Fitch..... Harvey Nicholls..... Waitrose ....... Harrods......Gap...... Fortnum & Masons......Hermes....... Armani ........Chanel .......Gucci..... Salvatore Ferragamo.... Jimmy Choo...... Selfridges...... Russell & Bromley Paris, London, Rome, Lerwick!
  7. Probably, but more like sniggering! http://www.sausagelinks.co.uk/recipe_detail.asp?id=16
  8. We made sausages in the dim and distant and I seem to remember using a recipe from the WI. http://www.sausagemaking.co.uk/ Best of luck. We kept a bottle of port on the table for the creations but swigged it all the way through as we kept giggling in a lavatorial way about the whole scenario! I don't think there was any port left for the actual sausages! We also used lamb mince - mint and lamb, chilli and lamb, ginger and lamb..... they were very very good!
  9. I took a veggie into the kebabery and she had a very acceptable vegetarian kebab. You should also try their saksuka (an aubergine meze number) - absolutely fantastic. I would take that home in a bucket and eat it all the next day, if I could! Hot or cold. The best!
  10. [moderated]content removed[/moderated]
  11. Not ripened yet.... but on their way unless, of course, the tweets get 'em first. We will keep an eye. Sadly there is no anti-tweet netting over the planticrub so first come first served.
  12. Have to agree with previous poster.... ....at the Royal Highland Show this year, as we came out of the Grand Arena with our two Shetland ponies in tandem, a young gypsy lad jumped out and demanded that we sell him our leader pony (nice coloured gelding). We said no. So, he repeated his order and we said this pony was not for sale. So then, to get his own back, he tried to flap things, knock stuff over, jump out at and generally scare the pony on the way back to the horsebox. He was removed by the marshalls. Perhaps not the best behaviour to encourage peace and harmony and general good relations.
  13. Did they bring any animals up with 'em? Dogs, ponies.... Anyone know?
  14. So, I suppose they have the internet in Cunningsburgh then? and maybe even electricity?
  15. Small wonder that Shirley Hunsperger has a smile on her face!
  16. A friend of mine in the US has asked me the burning question.... "So...if he lives in a tent on an otherwise uninhabited island, presumably without any electrical service, water etc., how does he manage a web site and answer email?" Any ideas?
  17. I voted "no, I don't want a Tesco" and was a staunch supporter of all things non-Tesco. But ..... our travelling circus went south last weekend to compete at Royal Highland Show. En route, we stopped at Tescos in Dundee. Four of us walked in to this massive store, easily found a clean working trolley, and wandered about collecting the contents of our shopping list trying very hard not to be diverted by some lovely things. It was a gobsmacking experience. You could buy everything you came in for and it was all beautifully presented, with room to spare, good lighting and lots of choice. The fruit and veg were to dream about. Amazing selection of quality stuff. Not a box of wizened mushrooms only fit for soup. Trying hard to hate the place, we took our stuff to the check-out where a friendly cashier made polite conversation and offered us a free person to pack our bags if we wanted, and was kind and interested in our observations! We shuffled back to the huge carpark with our goods absolutely shell-shocked. A very tiny part of me thinks that if Tesco really want to come up here, best of bloody luck to 'em. If they can achieve that kind of customer service, then you may even see me back in there again! - is that hell freezing over, I see?
  18. Thordale Shetland Stud and Driving Centre's winning entry at the Royal Highland Show 2008 in the Multiples Open Private Driving Class. Jo Tonkinson was driving Ramnaberg Andy and Ramnaberg Charlie to a Barry Wheelwright 1906 spindle back gig. Then Jo, driving Ramnaberg Charlie to the same vehicle, was also placed a very creditable second in the Best Driven Shetland Class. Both placings qualified Jo for the Championship held in the Grand Arena later that evening as well as The Osborne Refrigerators BDS National Championships in Towerlands later this year. http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e302/Frances144/15May-008925copy.jpg http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e302/Frances144/15May-008872copy.jpg
  19. Dunno. Wouldn't be surprised, though in this mad world we live in! I hate it that the local supermarket (s) sell NZ/Scottish lamb. Why? and smoked salmon from scotland, mussels from Ireland...... depressing really.
  20. Not a stick! That's it's extending lead. Once she is on the scent of something, she don't come back until it's dead!
  21. Two terriers and a lurcher (plus two collies on stand-by) still desperate for a good day's ratting. You know where we are! http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e302/Frances144/IMG_1505copy.jpg http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e302/Frances144/IMG_1544copy.jpg http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e302/Frances144/DSC00005.jpg http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e302/Frances144/th_MOV00128.jpg
  22. The lads from the Chinese in Whalsay are very enterprising and took over the Sandness hall one weekend and then the Walls hall on another doing Chinese take-aways. Fantastic and very very good. What a great idea! I wish more restaurants/take-aways would have this idea. It was such a treat to have a takeaway!
  23. Hedgehogs .... heartbreak with spikes, sadly.
  24. In my yoof, I used to ride a horse round Hyde Park Corner (which is actually a giant roundabout). I also used to ride a bike (not at the same time, obviously) around HPC and then up to Marble Arch (another giant roudabout) with my walkman on oblivious of the mayhem around me......... I was young and stupid and possibly mad with a deathwish!
  25. hellery = great word!
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