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  1. Thanks Marjolein! I did, however, express my opinion about Northlink and received a really foul pm from someone accusing me of "having a vendetta against Northlink" and then telling me how magnificent they are. It was very spiteful. So, yes, I am still thinking about leaving this forum as I am beginning to be scared to voice any opinion. I don't like having my head bitten off for not agreeing with someone.
  2. I write on a few forums (or fora?) about this and that and I have to say that this forum is very tetchy and people are very quick to have a go or bite. Maybe it is me, but I am beginning to not want to put my head about the parapet as it is bound to be bitten off immediately the minute I have any view about anything. I never thought I was particularly contraversial in my thoughts or writings but the amount of abuse and instant loathing I seem to attract on this forum is extraordinary. I am at the point where I think I will ask to have my name taken off the memberslist or just go for anonymity like alot do. Probably me though. I realise you have to take responsibility for what you write but this forum seems to be full of picky, spikey folk who attack your every word. Frances (aka Mystery person who may perhaps go into hiding very very soon)
  3. I have seen more otters than bobbies walking down Commercial Street! (obviously no otters in Commercial Street, they were in the fields!)
  4. Wealth does make a difference. I NEVER WROTE THAT? PLEASE DO NOT MISQUOTE ME! Thanks Frances
  5. Just to let you know, that if you don't have a TV License, be very careful. The TV License people are in Shetland cold-calling!
  6. I have lived in Shetland for 10 years now. I have YET to see a bobby on the beat. I have seen the odd police car but never, ever a policeman on Commercial Street. I drove through Lerwick a few Saturdays ago (to catch ferry) and the amount of youths and their girls loafing around, looking intimidating and fairly scarey was extraordinary. The whole atmosphere in Lerwick was completely different on a Saturday that any other day of the week. It was not nice at all.
  7. I have just spent a few minutes trying to find the link to my website under Shetland Businesses - it used to be there and if you search, it is but not coming up on the page. I cannot find anyone to ask to help. I do not understand the way it is set up as i do not speak fluent HTML. It is a load of sharn, IMHO, and I am seriously pissed off. I want to ask someone what I am doing wrong, but there is no where to look and no one to ask. the organisers just assume everyone understands the concept and I, for one, do not get it at all. A waste of cyber space. SOrry, for the rant, but I am very cross.
  8. I agree. Prisoner not being ready - what was he doing? Packing a clean pair of knickers or pissing around to make everyone's lives misery as usual. F
  9. I got given an iPod video thingy for my birthday - it is fabulous!, absolutely brilliant. I love my Macs (1 iBook, 1 G3, 1 Bondi Blue, 1 shuffle, 1 3g iPod, 1 video iPod). Love 'em.
  10. Freenetname - not bad but lie through their teeth when broadband is playing up.
  11. I'm amazed. I thought they were all on flexi-time anyway - nobody is ever in and TFIF is very much in evidence as well as POETS day!
  12. Got into the Chat thingy, even got a large window with names of folk there (one who buggered off!), but the line where you type your interesting and witty thoughts was obscured by the large window. Ho hum! Frances
  13. I wish he had included more Shetland place names. I laughed so much at Skellister!!!! F
  14. Aith (n) The single bristle that sticks out sideways on a cheap paintbrush. Fladderbister (n) That part of a raincoat which trails out of a car after you've closed the door on it. Grutness (n) The resolve with which the Queen sits through five days of Polynesian folk dancing. Skellister (n) A very old solicitor. From "The Meaning of Liff" and "The Deeper Meaning of Liff" by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd
  15. The longer I watch this forum, the longer I wonder why the hell I bother.
  16. The airplane "disaster" could be a diversion from this: http://www.ens-newswire.com/ens/aug2006/2006-08-08-01.asp Anyone else aware of this oil spill? Seems a few people think this too. Call me a cynic........
  17. Well, I am all over the place emotionally at the moment. My kids fly from New York to Gatwick tomorrow night to get in Sat morning and then up to Sumburgh. Half me completely agrees about this alleged "threat" theory and the other half is wondering whether I should tell my kids not to fly while everyone is running around like blue-arsed flies. I am listening to the news and getting more and more wound up. All I want is them home, safe and sound. The worst bit is that we all know that any suicide plane bomber will be happy to kill himself and others and so will have a go, no matter what security measures happen. Aaaaagh!
  18. I disagree - I did feel intimadated especially when I was hit by the ball and then another visitor was hit as well. The girls weren't particularly sorry and they went on playing despite visitors trying to take photos of the room. And, yes, it did affect my enjoyment of my visit and I am sure it affected the other visitors as well. When I remember Scalloway castle, I am not sure if I will recommend it to my visitors if it also doubles as Scalloway's alternative leisure centre.
  19. aaaagh! Now it all makes sense. Lots of gothic jewellery! Not really selling much I wanted. Maybe it will grow in time.
  20. You can all take the piss to your heart's content..... but at the end of the day, do you really want visitors to feel intimidated and to tell others of the way they felt about Shetland?
  21. I thought the castle was beautiful. Of course, I have seen it from the outside everytime I pass Scalloway to take the short cut to the airport (not really a short cut, more a scenic route!). It is a very under-used and under-promoted stunning piece of history. So sad that it has to be a basketball court for gobby teenagers. What a waste.
  22. Today I have been taking foreign visitors to Scalloway Castle to see how lovely it is. Two Scalloway lasses decided that the central hall (the big room) was obviously the best place to play netball and were throwing a large hard ball up onto the walls, hitting tourists and then standing back and looking annoyed when people were trying to photograph the place. They successfully managed to wreck the atmosphere of the place and hit a couple of folk who were trying to look at the room. Although they grudgingly apologised, they made you feel unwelcome and as if you were intruding on their space. I asked them why they were there and they said that the floor was better for ball and this was a really good place to throw it (or words of that ilk). It managed to piss me off and piss of others. I was rather ashamed of their behaviour and their attitude. PS. The ball eventually went missing when they managed to throw it over the high walls of the castle.
  23. There are alot of dead ones on the road at the moment - I find that rather sad. Also, the best animation film in the world (IMHO) is "Hedgehog in the Fog" (Russian: ???? ? ??????, Yozhik v tumane), a 1975 Soviet animated film directed by Yuriy Norshteyn, produced by the Soyuzmultfilm studio in Moscow. (Wikipedia). I thoroughly recommend it.
  24. The boat is full to bursting tonight. They have turned away alot of the flights north (closed for fog in Scotland). Was the P&O boat ever so full they turned folk away? F
  25. Read on Shetland News that Atlantic Airways are considering their future with Shetland due to the all the fog. When we took some friends to catch their flight home to Manchester via Aberdeen (Loganair/BA), we were told the plane was cancelled due to the low cloud/fog. They said the airport equipment normally used for this weather situation (automatic landing) was being updated so could not be used so no flights in or out as the pilots had to land on visual info only (ie none!). I am worried that Atlantic Airways will make a decision about the viability on the Shetland route based on the fact that Sumburgh airport, for their own reasons, decided to update their fog equipment in the foggiest months of the year while having no back-up system available! Has anyone else been given this excuse by Loganair/BA? Seems utterly ridiculous to me! F
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