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  1. Well I will stick my head above the parapet and wait to be shot at........ ..... I love Eurovision. I love the absurdity, the politics, the fashion, everything. I love it! I have watched it religiously for years and never take it seriously! Great entertainment, an absolute hoot! (Hiding behind giant sofa cushions while rotten eggs are thrown at me!)
  2. "The bigger similarity" perchance, though I prefer the original and think it is closer to the context!
  3. No, no, it is too late - I fancy a picnic!
  4. Richard Thompson, without a shadow of a doubt.
  5. Don't know why, but I have this very strong urge to go for a walk up a hill.......
  6. The place where the skate board park was for a while opposite the power station. That is a dump.
  7. Well put sir, I agree. Here, Here (or is it hear, hear!). Frances
  8. Ooooh er.... http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/uk/os/os_forecast_warnings.html Orkney & Shetland: Orkney Islands Shetland Islands Severe Gales 1500 Fri 16 2300 Fri 16 Westerly winds are likely to gust to around 70-75mph at times during Friday afternoon and Friday evening across Shetland and northern parts of Orkney, accompanied by some wintry squally showers. During Friday evening the winds are expected to veer northwesterly and decrease. The public are advised to take extra care. Issued at: 1114 Fri 16 Mar Heavy Snow 0600 Sun 18 1200 Wed 21 The Met Office continues to predict a change to markedly colder conditions, with periods of disruption from snow and ice. The first of these comes from heavy snow showers on Sunday in Scotland and Northern Ireland, extending south to western parts of England and Wales on Monday morning. Further spells of snow and hail are likely to affect other areas during the rest of Monday into Wednesday, transferring from the north and west, to eastern England by Wednesday. Most central parts should stay dry. Falls of 2-3 cm will occur at lower levels, 10-15 cm mainly over some higher routes, mainly during the night time and early morning periods. Most of the snow at low levels will melt by day but will refreeze by night to give icy stretches on roads. Winds could gust to 60 mph or more in Scotland leading to temporary blizzard conditions. This warning will be updated around 1100 Saturday 17th March 2007. Issued at: 1228 Fri 16 Mar
  9. ... And here's a winner that we made up earlier FERGUS SHEPPARD MEDIA CORRESPONDENT FOR generations of young viewers, it has been the gold standard of children's television - trusted by parents and children alike for its wholesome qualities. But the BBC's Blue Peter yesterday became the latest programme to be dragged into the premium-rate phone scandal engulfing UK broadcasters after it admitted a competition winner was a fake. The show's presenters apologised on air after it emerged that a member of the show's production staff had asked a girl visiting the Blue Peter studios to ring a charity fund-raising competition when a failure with the phone lines prevented any of the almost 14,000 children who called getting through. The girl - who has not been named - went on air and said she was "calling from London", when, in reality, she was in the same studio as the presenters. The incident took place last November as Blue Peter held a premium-rate phone quiz to raise money for UNICEF, the United Nations children's fund. Viewers were invited to try to match a pair of shoes to a celebrity, with the chance of winning one of that year's top ten toys. Calls cost 10p, with 3.25p going to the charity and the remainder divided between the telecoms carrier and a company running the phone line. The BBC make no profit from the calls. Richard Deverell, controller of BBC's children's programmes, said: "While I am satisfied there was no premeditated attempt to deceive or mislead viewers, the decision to put a child on air in this way was a serious error of judgment." He added: "I would like to apologise unequivocally to viewers and to all the children who took part in the competition." The BBC has said it will pick a new winner from those who called the show and announced an immediate review of competitions on CBBC, the children's network. Experts last night warned that the latest revelation was a damaging blow to the high trust factor enjoyed by the programme, which first went on air in 1958. Stewart Purvis, a media analyst and former ITN chief executive, said: "This can't be blamed on some third-party phone operator. It is a different kind of deception; it's not necessarily financially driven, but it creates new doubt in viewers' minds about whether they trust what they see on television. "If they had a technical problem, why not tell everyone?" Dave Turtle, of the pressure group Mediawatch UK, said: "This is a clear breach of audience trust and is made so much worse because this is a long-running programme for children. The BBC ought to know better." Blue Peter is the latest programme to become embroiled in allegations that have spread to programmes on BBC1, ITV1, Channel 4 and Five. Icstis, the premium-rate phone regulator, is now investigating apparent irregularities on six shows: Channel 4's Richard and Judy, the BBC's Saturday Kitchen, and ITV entertainment series X Factor, Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway, Soapstar Superstar and I'm A Celebrity, Get Me out of Here!. Five's Brainteaser show is being separately investigated by the broadcasting watchdog, Ofcom, after the channel admitted competition winners were faked. On Tuesday, Channel 4 suspended phone-in competitions during its Cheltenham Week horse-racing coverage when it emerged that callers had continued to ring a premium-rate line after a contest had closed. On the same day, ITV announced it was scrapping its digital channel ITV Play, after claims that callers rang premium-rate numbers with little chance of getting through. The Scotsman
  10. I think, when I read the brochure that came with my Times, I was very surprised to see so many areas of one island dedicated to quite so many windmills. I was under the impression it was just on the Lang Kames and there would be less impact on the environment. This proposed plan seems to cover a very large area of the island. Half of me thinks it is very sad that the folk of Shetland will "sell" their beautiful environment to make a few sheckels and the other half of me thinks that an eco-friendly industry that might make a slight difference and be a model for others is a very good idea. I realise (before you all shoot me down in flames) that this is a very simplified take on things, but these are just my simple thoughts! Frances
  11. Twill be interesting to see the contents of the new Museum floating past! Apparently with wind in a certain direction and a high tide can result in the ground floor being flooded! Is this truth or legend?
  12. ....probably head out on a day like this then! Anyone fancy a walk? I will be climbing Ronas Hill at about 16.30 for a couple of hours stroll.... F
  13. ....and gripping hands ? Fx (from under her royal rock!) (Eagle Eyes, gripping hands, real hair and a fully plastic jointed body with a stud at the neck to enable him to push his head backwards to fire a weapon from the prone position - Action Man)
  14. Can I take a Wagon Wheel? Chocolate flavour? Sorry, (said from under the rock!!) Sorry, still sorry.....
  15. coz of the in-breeding? (Ducks at the missiles being hurled!) Sorry, sorry, sorry, grovels off....... back under rock!
  16. Have to say that when the till at Safeways died with all our bargain bucket stuff, the 18 year old supervisor, bless her, came to the rescue of our till-person and stood there chewing gum with all the dignity and aplomb of a jersey cow chewing her cud! Sorry, but that is what folk look like when they chew gum - a jersey cow placidly contemplating life.
  17. and, I think, they are now chocolate flavour, which IS NOT REAL CHOCOLATE!
  18. ^^^^^^^ Is dat du Nigel? Foo's dye car? F
  19. You should have ttaken a photo to convince those of us in Shetland just how bad it is. Not a bad day here - a little windy and grey but good enough to go out and do some chores.
  20. Music - pity, we are always looking for new recruits!!! Cinema - I am not sure whether they discuss afterwards, but some of them used to meet for supper first at chippie!!!! Here is a linkt to their website - it will have contacts! You don't have to be a member, but if you are, I think the films are cheaper! http://www.filmclub.shetland.co.uk/
  21. Hi, I think there is a squash club and if you are interested, I could pm you the phone number of someone who would know. Also, there is the Film Club who meet on a Thursday evening at Scalloway Fisheries college to watch wierd and wonderful films. There is also Lerwick Orchestral Society if you play any instrument and can vaguely read music. They meet on a Thursday evening at St MAgnus Hall, Lerwick. That is all I know about. I am sure there is the football club and the sailing club and various others. Good luck Frances
  22. Stickers, don't talk to me about stickers!!..... My youngest daughter decorated my Bluthner walnut veneer concert grand piano with stickers....... I went ballistic. Please don't tell her about Tippex! Fx
  23. Just been to the kebab place (next to Rod n' Line) last night for my weekly Thursday night out dinner (after orchestra!). Fan-bloody-tastic - it needs lots of support not racist attacks from yobs! - and the food is delicious! Meat was beautiful, succulent and the whole meal was perfect. Could not fault it in any way - and I've had some really nasty (and nice) kebabs in my day! Frances
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