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  1. At my St Trinians' boarding school south, we had "the cow" which was a contraption that held a box of milk (like an enormous wine box). This cardboard box had a bag of milk inside it and a small rubber tube which you threaded through a tap. Someone from each dining table would go up with a jug, similar to those NHS ones, and fill it from "the cow"!
  2. We had bags of milk delivered to our house in Oldshoremore, Sutherland. They used to have three corners or something wierd. I remember going down to the gate at the end of our track to collect them in the evening. That must've been about 35 years ago.
  3. The roundabout by the Co-Op is terrible for that. After you....no after you...... no, I insist, after you.......of {'f' it was funny in Father Ted 'eck'} it, I'm going!
  4. My kids were blown away by the entrance to Waterloo Station!! Natural History Museum is amazing. Tussauds is overpriced. Boat trips are good fun and a very different way to see London - very Oliver Twist!! Pollocks Toy Museum is lovely (http://www.pollockstoymuseum.com, Museum of Moving Image, the Horniman Museum is very strange but addictive - abit of a train ride out but fun and free http://www.horniman.ac.uk/. Also, the gardens at Crystal Palace have huge dinosaurs scattered about the place which are very funny!
  5. You should watch this..... http://www.burntcandle.co.uk/aithsim/ Brings it home - looks like something off War of the Worlds.
  6. I have my St Tiggywinkles book for all my hedgehog nursing care advice. Invaluable information. Good luck with your hedgepig! They are lovely animals. When I lived at Lunna, I rescued one and he was called James. He was a keen escape artiste and one day I found he had gone from his box. I didn't find him for a few days but knew he was somewhere in that huge house as I could see "evidence". I was all alone (kids gone to school) and putting the washing in the machine, when I heard snoring. I pulled back one of the cupboards to find him wedged in, happily asleep, snoring away! He went back in the box. Fx
  7. Thanks Fjool. I did a search on this fred before I wrote, but found nothing!!! Ah well, glad it has been researched and answered thoroughly.
  8. Why is there no place in Shetland to give blood? Would it not be a useful commodity to have in case of emergencies? I am sure there is a very valid reason, I just don't know it!
  9. I am afraid you don't have my sympathy. You don't know you're born - try a London hospital - it is a whole different ball game and you are one in a million trying for the same bed, same treatment and being ignored in a place that is falling to bits, with security everywhere and the whole thing is plain scary. Up here, I have never had to wait, always been seen and the whole NHS experience is fantastic. I have worked in the NHS south and Shetland's NHS and Aberdeen's is possibly some of the best. If this were south, you would be dumped along with your potential babies and forgotten all about. You would have to fight to be seen by a dr, or midwife and you would wait and wait and wait and wait ...... Anyway, make the most of it! Best of luck. Fx
  10. I think if you just let your children decide what they want to wear, they can make their own decisions. If you dress your kids in "smart jeans, etc", they will be different and stand out like sore thumbs. That is not fair. Get the measure of the place, relax and let Shetland work its magic. The one thing that is never popular is if you go marching in with a great "know-it-all" opinion. Go with the flow - there are reasons for everything. You may also get cross if your kids are playing with other kids on the way home, in their smart jeans and boots, get filthy playing in the burns and ditches, skid onto their knees on the bikes in the gravel, etc - all things kids do all the time here. No one dresses smartly for school because you get filthy on the way home! it is expected!
  11. Frances144

    BGD Discos

    Madonna - Get into the groove (broke my ankle to that one at a disco in Marrakesh) Oops Up side your head - Gap Band
  12. Frances144

    BGD Discos

    No disco is complete without HighHo Silver Lining - OMG, I have the urge to start swaying!
  13. I don't think our Tel was too impressed either. He is talking of packing it in! A great loss if he does. I predicted most of the voting and my kids said I was psychic! No, just a realist.
  14. http://money.cnn.com/2008/02/01/news/companies/exxon_earnings/ I don't understand - did they all sit down and decide between them to just up the price and see how much we would be prepared to pay?
  15. I was tickled by the advert at the top of the item - "How Low can you go"!
  16. Is this person in Shetland?
  17. Me, me, me! I have two Patterdale terriers and a lurcher plus a friend with two ratting collies who will come and get rid. Just say the word and we are there..... My lot would love a good rat. If you give us a contribution towards petrol and ferry we will come and a-rat for you. We are on the westside (Walls). PM me if you are interested.
  18. Came here on holiday, immediately felt I had "come home" so stayed. That was 12 years ago. I could not imagine living south ever again.
  19. Ooooh strong language - handbags at dawn?
  20. Dunno - but it was copied using an iBook that was next to an iMac that was updating an iPod, that was sitting by my iTouch! Upstairs is my kids peecee, so I bunged an Apple sticker on it so it feels at home! Get out that dead horse and flog it abit more!
  21. MIM - very very good (fraid I've knicked that emoticon for mine own now!). I have a present for you in return http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e302/Frances144/chocolate.gif
  22. Shetlandcars, I have just one thing to say to you:- http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e302/Frances144/deadhorse.gif As in flogging a dead horse!
  23. That's a Mac intelligence test! http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e302/Frances144/thcatfight.gif
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