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  1. I always thought they were called Tourons. You live and learn. Fx
  2. Frances144


    Ok, in our house we have:- 1960's Epiphone Rivoli bass Handmade 8 string Richard Famous original (top strings paired) Handmade Famous Arrow 6-string Tanglewood Earth 500 acoustic White handmade 8 string Famous/customised Strat body, Tele neck 3/4 size Argos classical guitar - very nice player. Did have an electronic Bond guitar, but we sold it on Ebay for a small fortune! I live with a Famous guitar hero from the 1980's. Fx
  3. I want an iMac G5 highest spec, please. Thank you very much. Frances
  4. Ahem, I did not write that. Get your quotes correct, please. Frances
  5. Make 'em go and shadow a nurse in Casualty (mainland) for a Friday night! or go to a morgue. Really, once you have been there, you re-assess your priorities very swiftly.
  6. Good for you! I appreciate every effort everyone makes to get Shetland actually put on the map in the real world. I think the BBC just keep a single rain-drop for summer and double rain-drop for winter surgically implanted over Shetland. At least we are not stuck in the Moray Firth, as is the norm! A change is as good as a rest, as they say. Off to squish into my thong now as it says on one of my weather reports that it is going to be 90 degrees and sun, sun, sun! Or was that Lerwick, Egypt! Fx
  7. Perhaps you could direct them to this website or pm me. Thanks Frances
  8. You're right I did mean Sky instead of Summer. My mistake.
  9. I have been trying on and off vaguely for a while to get Richard Thompson up to Shetland. Davie Gardner was kept in the picture but nothing got sorted. I have just received this email from Richard Thompson's forum agent person:- From: beekeeper@richardthompson-music.com Hello Frances, Thanks for writing. A venue or promoter needs to express interest in bringing RT to your area. They then work with Richard's agent on a contract. If you are familiar with folks in your area who are interested in hosting Richard, please have them write here and we will get them in touch with the appropriate party. Best regards, The Beekeeper So, if you are interested or know of any set-up that might be interested, please email Mr Beekeeper or me and I will pass on the information. Personally, I think it would be wonderful to get him here.
  10. I was wondering about Anne/Brie too. Very odd - is she really blind? Sometimes I am not so sure. Has Summer had the baby yet - and why is Summer looking blonde/glam when she wanted to be a grungy hippy who did not pursue the materialistic culture of makeup, washing, etc. Also, anyone watch Kath & Kim? Now that is real!
  11. Just looked at the site - very good idea and one that should be promoted. F
  12. Like most things sitting on a pallet at Aberdeen harbour..... a week to 10 years! Fx
  13. Do you know what charity they are collecting for. I love that shop. Brilliant stuff, buy lots from there. Hasn't been open for a while, though due to scaffolding. Fx
  14. Beginning to wonder if it is worth trawling through my record set - better to give it all to Save the Children. Nothing is worth much as they are abit scruffy and used. None are pristine. I do, however, have an Alan Parsons flexi disk!!! F
  15. Not really, downgraded to iPod and JBL speakers and smallest house in the world. I also realised that I never actually use any of it so my rule is "if you don't use it for over a year, off it goes". (this does not apply to animals, children or partners!). So, anyone interested. I am making my list.....
  16. Well, now I re-visit it from under the stairs, I am sure if you were a bonafide rocker you would toss your hair and laugh at me! Anywho, partner (who is a genuine rocker) has a rare limited edition Talking Heads Speaking in Tongues, Rauschenburg with 3 revolving disk! I have various singles and lps including Alan Parsons (old stuff), Al Stewart, Chris de Burgh (oh, the shame!), David Bowie, War of the worlds, Falco Rock me Amadeus 12", Aha 12" single...... to name just some. Tell you what I will write out a list on Excel and pm it to anyone who is interested. Also, I have a Michell Mycro turntable, Proac speakers, Sugden Amp 98T and a Yamaha KX-393 to sell. Anyone interested?
  17. I had this brilliant idea to sell my record collection on Ebay, one record at a time, and make a fortune out my old vinyl (vintage stuff 1975 onwards). I looked up alot of my old lp's on Ebay just to see the general price and they are worth sausage all - £1.50 at most, a few maybe £5.00 but nothing stupendous. So, the question is do I sell them a record at a time - could take for ages, or give them all to Save the Children (sorry Oxfam), or put them back under the stairs from whence they came and wait until the world is ready to pay me a shed load for my lovely vinyl? Thanks Fx
  18. I play the flute, piano, keyboards, guitar (badly), saxophone (sound like the Titanic sinking) and recorder. "I am playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order" - Eric Morecambe
  19. Was it perchance of the Walls Brownie troop?
  20. never ever pineapple. No, no, no. Never ever. Ditto tuna. Now anchovies, mushroom and extra cheese and spicey sausage and garlic, - very acceptable! Never ever pineapple (again I reiterate) Fx
  21. The new turkish place is the best. I could eat there everyday! So far we have had:- Dolmades (Stuffed vine leaves) - beautiful Saksuka (aubergine, peppers and garlic with yoghurt sauce) - fantastic Chicken Pakora - lovely Shish kebab - the best - better than London, better than the one on the way to the ferry in Aberdeen (half way down the hill). Great salad inside too and the meat is just right. No nasty bits or tubes or chewy bits. What more can I say? I thoroughly recommend this place. Really friendly and very well worth a visit. Food is divine and no gippy tummy, no drinking 10 pints of water afterwards, no feeling slightly sick for 24 hours, no meat in different colour sauces that all really taste the same but have a different name and no major fleecing of credit card and, best of all, no pretentious menu with drizzling, drenching and coulis! You should pay this place a visit (alot!)
  22. Coz that is my name and the 144 is the most I can remember on a times-table! (12x12). I am happy to stand up and be counted. I don't want to hide behind anonimity. Frances144 www.pencille.co.uk www.thordale.co.uk
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