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  1. For furniture, you could try the Shetland Scrap Store (part of the COPE empire) - they have lots of lovely old furniture for recycling and they are versatile and very helpful. Good luck Fx
  2. Apparently there is a Bodrhan teacher who lives in Weisdale (down the road by the old North Star) who used to live in Fair Isle. Can't remember his name but if you ask around Fair Isle I am sure someone will point you in the right direction. Good luck
  3. I got a very good one from the nice gentlemen at Bayes that plugs into my car ciggie lighter and charges 4 AA batteries as we go along. IMHO worth every penny and has got me out of a few scrapes and emergencies when that red battery light flashes. It was very good for an unscheduled photo-shoot of seals at Bousta.
  4. My daughter has decided to she would like to learn the drums! Has anyone got a drum kit I can borrow for a month so that we can see whether she really is interested, rather than the usual fad? We would promise to look after it and would collect and return it. If you have a kit we can borrow, please email me: frances@fstaylorl.co.uk Thanks Frances
  5. I use Google for worldwide stuff and Ask.co.uk for UK stuff - sometimes it finds stuff in the UK no-one else can find. Fx
  6. I do agree..... but then I listened to Chris Evans and he did exactly the same thing! So who do you do!?
  7. Frances144


    Richard Famous of Poison Girls, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poison_Girls http://idiot-dog.com/music/poisongirls/ http://www.kersplebedeb.com/poisongirls/index.html My man! My handsome prince!
  8. No, I am not saying drink driving should not be taken seriously. It is very serious and I am not denying that at all. What I am saying is that there are also other things that are just as harmful such as medecine, lack of sleep and low blood sugar. If you drive knowing that you have not slept for 24 hours, have not eaten in 12 hours or are on sleep-inducing medecine, you should be accountable too for making those dangerous decisions. If you'd bothered to read my earlier post, I advocate making the sods work in Casualty or a morgue to get a real perspective of the damage caused by their moronic behaviour. So, get off your high horse please. Frances
  9. I agree about drugs, and by that word, I mean anything, not just prescription stuff. If you take promethazine (for sea-sickness or just as an anti-emetic) it can floor an elephant. You can buy that over the counter. Piriton is another, for hayfever and itching, makes you very sleepy. Any of these could play a huge factor in lowering your response time when driving. Yes, of course it says do not drive or operate machinery if you take them, but people do drive after they have taken them and thus become a danger to others. Lack of sleep and low blood sugar are a huge worry too. Low blood sugar, even if you are not a diabetic, can have dire consequences - do they test for that? Lack of sleep can render you into a zombie but folk still drive.
  10. My friend went there and said the great man himself was in the chef's whites cooking. She said it was great and the veg was real and none of it came out of the freezer. Wish he was open on Christmas Day! Fx
  11. I would ask around your neighbours. Fair Isle is still a way away from Lerwick (welcome to Shetland, btw - heard you on the radio last night!). It is killing time at the moment (back end of it) and there may be folk willing to "swap" portions of their animals. Usually, you book one abit earlier on and then you are guaranteed your beastie. I would also look at, if you have any space, having a few sheep for the freezer. Pigs are a pain to keep and you really need the best fencing. Pigs will leave a field of mud after themselves. Cows - have a house cow, have the milk when its calved and then kill whatever it has every few years. It is a good option if you have any land at all as you can take responsibility for where your meat comes from and also how it is slaughtered. Good luck. Francesx
  12. I always thought they were called Tourons. You live and learn. Fx
  13. Frances144


    Ok, in our house we have:- 1960's Epiphone Rivoli bass Handmade 8 string Richard Famous original (top strings paired) Handmade Famous Arrow 6-string Tanglewood Earth 500 acoustic White handmade 8 string Famous/customised Strat body, Tele neck 3/4 size Argos classical guitar - very nice player. Did have an electronic Bond guitar, but we sold it on Ebay for a small fortune! I live with a Famous guitar hero from the 1980's. Fx
  14. I want an iMac G5 highest spec, please. Thank you very much. Frances
  15. Ahem, I did not write that. Get your quotes correct, please. Frances
  16. Make 'em go and shadow a nurse in Casualty (mainland) for a Friday night! or go to a morgue. Really, once you have been there, you re-assess your priorities very swiftly.
  17. Good for you! I appreciate every effort everyone makes to get Shetland actually put on the map in the real world. I think the BBC just keep a single rain-drop for summer and double rain-drop for winter surgically implanted over Shetland. At least we are not stuck in the Moray Firth, as is the norm! A change is as good as a rest, as they say. Off to squish into my thong now as it says on one of my weather reports that it is going to be 90 degrees and sun, sun, sun! Or was that Lerwick, Egypt! Fx
  18. Perhaps you could direct them to this website or pm me. Thanks Frances
  19. You're right I did mean Sky instead of Summer. My mistake.
  20. I have been trying on and off vaguely for a while to get Richard Thompson up to Shetland. Davie Gardner was kept in the picture but nothing got sorted. I have just received this email from Richard Thompson's forum agent person:- From: beekeeper@richardthompson-music.com Hello Frances, Thanks for writing. A venue or promoter needs to express interest in bringing RT to your area. They then work with Richard's agent on a contract. If you are familiar with folks in your area who are interested in hosting Richard, please have them write here and we will get them in touch with the appropriate party. Best regards, The Beekeeper So, if you are interested or know of any set-up that might be interested, please email Mr Beekeeper or me and I will pass on the information. Personally, I think it would be wonderful to get him here.
  21. I was wondering about Anne/Brie too. Very odd - is she really blind? Sometimes I am not so sure. Has Summer had the baby yet - and why is Summer looking blonde/glam when she wanted to be a grungy hippy who did not pursue the materialistic culture of makeup, washing, etc. Also, anyone watch Kath & Kim? Now that is real!
  22. Just looked at the site - very good idea and one that should be promoted. F
  23. Like most things sitting on a pallet at Aberdeen harbour..... a week to 10 years! Fx
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