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  1. https://myshetland.co.uk/everybodys-friend/ She never stays away
  2. https://myshetland.co.uk/dear-vitamin/ Very tolerant of the youngsters
  3. https://myshetland.co.uk/not-an-easy-decision/ Off they sail
  4. https://myshetland.co.uk/a-poem-about-harrel-and-lambie/ Ok, it's not brilliant but I tried.
  5. https://myshetland.co.uk/all-looking-good/ Old men
  6. https://myshetland.co.uk/pissing-awful-weather/ Could it be any worse? https://myshetland.co.uk/still-weird/ Still potty
  7. https://myshetland.co.uk/shearing-worries/ I worry
  8. https://myshetland.co.uk/work-in-progress-2/ It never stops
  9. https://myshetland.co.uk/a-new-friend/ Wonderful.
  10. https://myshetland.co.uk/helpful-unhelpful/ Lambie. Meh. Just meh!
  11. https://myshetland.co.uk/happy-birthday-pepper-pot/ First birthday
  12. https://myshetland.co.uk/honing-our-skills/ Always useful
  13. https://myshetland.co.uk/boudoir-doll/ A bit of history
  14. https://myshetland.co.uk/queen-of-sheep/ Off she flies
  15. https://myshetland.co.uk/old-men-4/ They are the best.
  16. https://myshetland.co.uk/our-internet-is-sharn/ giving up shortly
  17. https://myshetland.co.uk/clean-and-dirty-dogs/ Off we go!
  18. https://myshetland.co.uk/following/ Lovely to see him
  19. https://myshetland.co.uk/passive-agressive/ Dog-cat war
  20. https://myshetland.co.uk/brave-dragon/ Breathing fire at chairs! (yes, chairs!)
  21. https://myshetland.co.uk/i-nearly-gave-in/ Kicked myself up the ass today
  22. https://myshetland.co.uk/simmer-dim/ Longest day
  23. https://myshetland.co.uk/nice-things/ Nice things happen to nice people.... or dogs.... and a cat.
  24. https://myshetland.co.uk/klaengur-update/ How we are doing
  25. https://myshetland.co.uk/oh-klaengur/ Watching, walking and waiting
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