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  1. Haha it's on Shetland News now, poor guy. Although I there are a lot of people I can think of who would have done exactly the same thing!
  2. Banking is an extremely profitable business, always keep that in mind whenever dealing with them. It's abhorrent how these banks are being subsidised by the government on the conditions that they give out more small loans to businesses then make no changes at all.
  3. So they've cut the numbers allowed on the ferry, but given us no information whatsoever. Only 50 are allowed, does this include people in cars, or is it only foot passengers? Will I have to book my place as a foot passenger on a busy day, or will it just be a race to see who gets on first and we leave the rest at Laxo? And if I do have to book my place, anyone know the secret trick to actually get the booking line to answer? I've tried calling for a few days with no luck. I know they said that figures rarely exceeded 50, but I don't think they've taken into consideration the fact that a lot of the people from the Whalsay Factory are now commuting out. Anyone who knows anything about this, info would be much appreciated.
  4. He certainly doesn't think he should go, what do you think?
  5. Any councillor who doesn't back proposals to make the Shetland Charitable Trust more independent doesn't deserve to be a councillor, they aren't serving our interests. I won't be voting for any of the people who shot this down or abstained from voting.
  6. The climate has been changing constantly since there was a climate. The real question is, is it anthropic global warming? And is there anything we can do about it?
  7. Yes the EDL were protesting in Bradford the other weekend, even though everone living there didn't want them to. Predictably the EDL got violent and the police had to don swat gear and bus them out of the city. I agree with the right to peaceful protest, but if an organisation has protests that repeatedly turn violent they shouldn't be allowed to protest, especially in an area that detests their presence. When they arrived in Bradford they were jeering things like "Allah, Allah, who the F*** is Allah" and "muslims are pedos". They say they are against militant Islam but the seem to be very indiscriminate about who they attack, I give the example of the Hindu temple that was burnt down during one of their "protests". And as for Sky News reporting it, well who is surprised. It is nothing better than a tabloid dirt rag nowadays, the election coverage proved this. Just another tentacle of Rupert Murdochs empire. The man who brought you Glenn Beck.
  8. I've been looking for a council house in Whalsay for a while now but with no luck. There did used to be a lot more council houses but many people bought them so now there are only a small number left. Realistically I don't think I will get a house here, but I don't want to move out of the isle. If I can't find a place that seems like my only option. I rent privately at the moment, but it is only short-term, and I face homelessness in the near future. Sure I'll maybe be able to move back to my parents if I'm desperate but this really is a last resort option. And they wonder why the isles are depopulating... there is no where to live on them if you can't afford to build your own house, and who the hell can really do that nowadays? One irk of mine though is that there are people living in council houses that are bigger than they need, and it would be better if say a single pensioner be put into a smaller house and the 3 bedroom house could go to someone with a family, but council houses are for life and the situation will likely remain this way.
  9. * The council’s approach to governance, to ensure that rigorous systems are in place to support clear and transparent decision making They can't be trusted. * Councillors working together to ensure that they have a shared understanding of the requirements of the Code of Conduct for elected members Stop threatening each other * Training and development for councillors and senior officers to help develop clear and authoritative leadership, mutual respect and a clear understanding of their respective responsibilities Find out who the hell is in charge of what and stop shirking responsibility! * Processes to ensure that the council can put its use of resources in line with its financial strategy and demonstrate that its services provide Best Value Stop wasting out money! * Addressing the weaknesses in the council’s finance function and ensuring that the accounts are not qualified again in 2010/11 Stop wasting money you don't have! * Procedures for the creation and filling of all posts, and performance management and appraisal of all staff No more nepotism * Procedures for consulting and communicating with the local community Tell us what the hell is going on instead of hiding * Engagement with the wider local government community and learning from good practice You are accountable to other people, remember that! Or at least that's how I read it. Very diplomatic way of saying they are foot-sucked on all levels.
  10. I'd rather be educated on other belief systems as brainwashed by Richard Dawkins.
  11. You'd have to be in a supermarket to find a bargain in Lerwick! Many of the items in Lerwick shops can be found on the internet for 3/4s of the price!
  12. When I was there a couple of years ago, there were over 30 of us crammed into a tiny English room with no proper air conditioning and the windows couldn't open properly. There is a cap on class sizes but this is often ignored and you end up with a situation like this. So just because on paper that is the capacity, it's not like you can spread out the student evenly throughout the school. It is overcrowded as it is, ask anyone who was been there is the past few years.
  13. Yes but what about the other resources that the oil companies have indirectly ruined, many people used to rely on agriculture and fishing, but now the oil is polluting the water and killing the fish and the flaring is causing acid rain which destroys the crops. Taking away their livlihood and propping up the corrupt government, I think that makes them very responsible for many people's poverty. But back to Afganistan, do you think that oil companies will pay large amounts of money to their government for the privilage? If American companies are seen raping their country for resources, the people of Afganistan will only be more likely to turn to the extremists.
  14. You really think that the Afgans will be the ones to profit from this? I see it all being sucked up by America. And they don't need NATO armies in Africa to steal resources, I mean look at the state of Nigeria They just screw the place up so bad there is nothing the cripplingly poor people living there can do about it.
  15. Trillion dollars worth of minerals in Afganistan soil What a coincidence!
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