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  1. Firstly, well done to the organisers for a fantastic event! Tins might have helped, but pints have a bigger profit margin and that is what would counted when you've got such high costs to cover. On top of that you had a different breed of audience at the darts as I hear that nearly 3 times more booze was drunk than would normally have been expected at an event that size. You could certainly tell that by the time the final came on stage as the place was jumping. In fact, having been to the Premier League Darts in Aberdeen for the last 3 years, it's safe to say that Clickimin made that look tame! It's just a pity there were empty seats up the back as that will probably knock the event from every coming back to Shetland again. That's a real shame because professional darts is great entertainment these days.
  2. Bring it on...this will be brilliant!!
  3. His SOUL publication a few years back sold out did it not? Surely evidence that more than a few folk up here take an interest in matters that have been conveniently forgotten about over the depths of time. Who knows, we might end up like the aborigines and get squillions of pounds compensation from the UK for snatching our land!!
  4. The SIC have no direct influence on business rates. The Scottish Government sets a rate which is charged on a value assessed by the Scottish assessors. Yes correct, it's the SNP that set the rates. Since getting into power they've reduced small business rates by 80%. I think the plan next year is to get rid of them altogether for small businesses. I'm pretty sure Tesco don't fit into the small business category, so the high rates excuse is no longer a valid excuse for not being competitive.
  5. I think the post you were replying to referred to Bolts and not Boots. Bolts are of course certainly local (a business that has diversified over the years from a motor garage, transport operator etc to a fairly large retail concern....a perfect example of how I'm sure other local businesses will react to the competition that Tesco may or may not provide!)
  6. New goods arriving daily are presumably the items that turn over quickly (plastic storage boxes etc). These items presumably provide enough working capital to keep the place going until he gets rid of the stuff that doesn't turn over so fast (furniture sets etc). Simple business sense really. I think folk have just got too used to his low prices. He must get the feeling folk are taking the p*ss when they ask for further discounts on top of his half price sale days. Give the guy a break and let him close his business down with a bit of dignity!! Maybe if this happens he will be back in Shetland at some point in the future with his sales at the marts
  7. I will be driving through from Aberdeen too. If there was sufficient interest it may even be possible to look into hiring a bus...picking up in Inverness en route. Ten seater mini bus from Arnold Clark would cost about £250 (self-drive) while a 30 or 53 seater bus would likely cost around £600 with driver.
  8. Unlike our local journalistic outlets, at least these guys find the story newsworthy.... http://www.ngrfoundation.co.uk/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=18424&Itemid=1
  9. Certainly a game they could and should win. Downside...If they are coming down on the boat on a Friday night then it's going to be a nightmare getting to Fort William in time for a 3pm kick off...plus it will be impossible to get back to catch the ferry. Upside....an overnight stay in Fort William wouldn't be too bad....plenty of good nightlife
  10. Saw in The Times that someone had stuff knicked out the back of their lorry around 10pm outside Sound. I too had my booze bag stolen from same area at same time. Wasn't too bothered about it (thanks to genorisity of fellow squad members)....until the next day when I remembered there was a mini-DV recording of the 2007 UHA also in the stolen bag If anyone knows who these rats were then please get them shopped to the local constabulary!!
  11. I hear the Town Hall has sold out so should hopefully be good. Because its the only one that is really open to the public then it can sometimes be a bit flat later on due to people leaving early. If you make it through the whole night then get down to Captain Flints from 8am onwards for one last drink....in fact I think there are quite a few pubs with early licences, but it all gets a bit hazy
  12. Remember the days when guizers used to get in free to all venues on hop night? When I was younger I used to see free entry as just reward for helping keep those places open all year round! I mind the first year North Star made everyone pay...I argued so much with the then manager, Davie Gibson, that he let us in for free. Hop Night used to be one of the best nights out in Shetland, but has sadly lost its standing in recent years. Money grabbing ruins everything in life
  13. There used to be a fried chicken place across from the Queens Hotel. It lasted no more than a few months. Like the burger bar that preceded Oslas2, I suspect this latest proposed venture will bite the dust fairly quickly.
  14. I was at the game in Georgia. I'm not sure how loud the crowd came across on TV, but it was definitely the most partisan atmosphere I have ever experienced at a fitba match. As soon as the Tartan Army tried to get behind their team they were drowned out by 50000 whistling tattie farmers! The team either took it for granted that they would beat a bunch o teenagers hands down....or they were bricking it. Once outside the ground it was even crazier...the locals were acting like they'd won the world cup! Processions of old wrecked Trabants hairing up the streets, horns blasting, flags waving and guns being fired...all being chased by the cops with sirens blaring!! Thank god for the refuge of Macdonalds!! Watched France v Lithuania once we got back to hotel...Lithuania held their own for most of the match and could have gone ahead. Our best bet will be a draw versus Italy and Ukraine sneaking a win against the French
  15. Ach it was never in doot! Mon da Dons
  16. My cousin in Aberdeen wanted me to get him a strip for his son. Intersport advised that the shirt is no longer on sale. Seems a pity cos it would be an easy money maker for both Inter Sport and Shetland FA to at least have a stock of them available to sell to passing tourists etc.
  17. Ach that's the downside of getting 2nd hand information Yesterday's game in Fraserburgh had a decidedly pre-season feel to it, with both sides pretty much given a run around.
  18. Dinna see the other results anywhere else on the forum, but Shetland lost to Keith on Thursday (don't know the score, but Keith were Highland League champs), drew 1-1 with Huntly on Friday and lost 4-0 against Deveronvale on Saturday.
  19. Fraserburgh 3 Shetland 3 Last minute equaliser from Shetland. Good first half performance. Shocking in the 2nd until a good move for the equaliser. Conceded 3 poor goals.
  20. For the Dons supporters club, just turn up at Flints any live game and pass your contact details to a committee member (they will be the ones selling sweepstake tickets and club merchandise). Membership is free and at last count there was well over a 100 members. It's unlikely that the supporters club will ever organise a trip away though as the majority of members have indicated they wish to make their own arrangements.
  21. Yeah set down by a national organisation that has a higher salary tier for large social housing providers. A large association being defined as one with more than 500 units available for let.
  22. With the average price of property in Shetland apparently in excess of £100k, it's understandable why a 1 bedroom flat will cost in excess of £500/month to rent. A £100k mortgage is likely to cost £7-800 per month!! While the private property market is likely to be marginalised by increasing values, thankfully that wont stop Hjaltland putting them up as fast as they can. Mind you, wonder if the fact that once Hjaltland hit the 500 property mark has anything to do with that - they then get to call themselves a large association and all their staff get appropriate pay rises
  23. Man that really annoys me as well! It's never a bloke causing the hold up though
  24. The bowling alley in Thurso is very successful, so successful that they made enough money to build a cinema next door to it....which in turn is also very successful. Catchment area can't be that much bigger than Orkney or Shetland. As with a lot of things though, it isn't just about opening the doors and waiting for folk to come, it's about how it is marketed. The Thurso alley started out by buying 2nd half bowling equipment from a US military base that was going to close down in the area. Any entrepeneurs in Shetland need look no further than Orkney if they're looking for some 2nd hand bowling gear
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