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  1. The Mareel night club could stand to make a few pound now after the troubles posers are having. The new council might even grant them a 2am license, we will have to wait and see.



    What is the troubles posers are having , licence ? finance ? does anyone know ?


    Bouncers with no license, that is all!

    The security industry association has sent a report to the Home Office thats all!

  2. On the Shetland News website someone from the Brae Hotel states they have 35 rooms all of them are full 50 weeks of the year. Their cheapest room is £58 per night so 35 rooms x £58 x 350 days =£710500.00 Wow!

  3. Its very interesting GB fuels states they make 2.6p per litre on their wholesale sales , this watered down amount of profit might be quite a tidy sum . Being the biggest retailer of fuel in Shetland also i dont think its time to take a collection up for them yet.

  4. A house site within about 15 miles of lerwick seems to be worth from £25000 to £30000. With the state of the Uk economy thats a good reason for people for keeping their money in derelict houses rather than the bank or stockmarket, if you offer enough a lot of these houses could be for sale.

  5. I dont like the term punter used by Brian for Mareel customers, i have looked it up on Wikipedia. A patron of a public house or a patron of a brothel or a customer of a prostitute . What service is Mareel to provide ?


    I've looked up Lerwick on Wikipedia, its the capital of Shetland. Grats on being the first town to learn to type :D

    Try looking up jambo, a monkey from Jersey zoo!

  6. I hope it was clear that the word was not used in the negative context which you describe and I'm vexed you have taken umbrage.

    I dont like the term punters or joe punter or billy bunter i feel it is all a negative way of discribing customers. I know it was not being used in a negative context just one of my pet hates sorry.

  7. I was speaking to an old bloke from the Scottish mainland, who said in his youth they used to put carbide in to bread for the seaguls. The gulls would take off and blow up. Young folk are getting better or its not so easy to get carbide.

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