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  1. I think Clive had a good run, made a bob or two thats for sure, it would a good Shop for High Level. They might have to change the name though.
  2. Sheap district heating or air source heat pump what would be the cheapest to run ?
  3. Exhaust and Tyre would be the first place i would try then maybe Station garage, phone them all for a price.
  4. I thought the editing sound and film was quite good . The content was not to my taste but no different to some of the crap on the TV , as for harassing people it was quite mild compared to the daily sales phone calls we all get. These boys looked harmless to me , i dare say they have spent a bit of time constructing their films without council loans or grants.
  5. I replaced my asbestos roof a couple of years back. I hired a skip, and the skip hire people took care of the waste handling. I think the dumping charges was about £130.
  6. I found this site www.buildingsheriff.com the prices seem a little low for shetland standards but can be quite good for a rough guide.
  7. Well thats Stuart Hill lossed all credibility now. Who could take anyone seriously wearing a wig like that. He might as well put his application for sheriff in now.
  8. He might have weapons of mass destruction, maybe our government should carpet bomb forvik oh and get the Americans to help.
  9. Some good points have been made here about Mareel, When it is finished there is no doubt if it is financially sucessfull it will cheaper for all the home owners in Shetland.
  10. And at £2 a nip thats £56! a bottle of vodka.
  11. Posers open from 9pm to 2am fri & sat the most profitable hours of the week thats why they are closed the rest of the week. 99P a nip would still be £27.72 for a bottle of vodka too much for me, thank the lord for Tesco.
  12. Three hundred folk in for an hour on a saturday night each buying two drinks thats about £6 x 300 x 52 weeks =£93600 if a late license is granted ,every penny will help as sic subsidised ventures will have to be a thing of the past.
  13. The bevvy sales is the much needed income Mareel will need to be profitable. Without a 2am license this project will struggle. The jobs advertised in the paper this week for Mareel could be done by some of the arts trusts employees saving £50000 .
  14. Sometimes a long pallet is charged as two or more. Reids are a company you can trust honest hard working people.
  15. Not sure but i think Sinclair Goodlad from Burra was on that boat and it was broken up at Shearers dock.
  16. I would have bought a ticket if it was open until 2am.
  17. Is it licensed until 2am the same as posers ?
  18. Tingwall Garage advertise free vehicle recovery if they get the repair . The owner John is a biker himself. Tel no 01595840840 .
  19. If you go to Posers when they open, get a smokers stamp, this entitles you to get in after 1am so you have an extra hours drinking strange system?
  20. It must be the management of Mareel that are not as good as Posers since its not the building that is restricting Mareels license then?
  21. Well if Mareel was as good as posers the council would have given it a 2 am licence.
  22. I have just asked for a quote online it was £600 pound cheaper than the house i bought using Tait & Peterson oh well at least i bought local !
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