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  1. It was Sandy Cluness , i would have thought he would have had a better knowledge of the law.
  2. Why is there not a link on shetlink for the new shetnews site? They seem to be back to their high standards of site again . Quite a good article on Mareel with photos too! pete must live dangerously.
  3. I hope this is not the end for the Shetland News . I have never donated to the site but every week i have purchased the Shetland Times to read their old news. Funding it cant be easy.
  4. That a great idea, by the sounds of it there could be a good story in it for malcolm if he gets the same reaction.
  5. The photographer states he took the photos from the public road no probs with that, lets all go and take a photo tomorrow. I wonder where i could hire a tv camera for a laugh.
  6. The site manager should be busy looking to the job nothing else. This guy must have his eye off the ball.
  7. Its just a sign of the times Clives closing. After paying for house rent, community taxes, heating bill and Tescos food bill, i have nothing left for luxury items like cds.
  8. They would be some mighty sad folk if the gig gets cancelled.
  9. Alcohol is a very easy product to produce yeast water and sugar. Home made wine cost abt 60p per bottle . Banning alcohol would only hurt the tax man. We would not have enough money in the economy to pay for police judges politicians etc if alcohol was banned. If it was up to me it would be banned now , get rid of these useless people it pays for.
  10. A saving of 100 pound on four barrels if only single stacked on Lerwick pump prices wow! someone is taking the mickey, its not just the carriage that makes our fuel so much more expensive than Aberdeen.
  11. You could try contacting the local carriers to price getting diesel up in barrels. The pallet price used to be abt 100 quid . I dont know how many barrels could fit on a pallet.
  12. Ive just been reading the Shetland News , Our sheriff has just fined a twenty three year old skipper 2000 thousand pound for landing a few tusk. Its no wonder this country is in a poor state with the attitude from the management of shooting the goose that lays the golden egg.
  13. Well said that wo/man. Tesco today candle low energy bulbs 20p, Local electrical shop 499p I needed 12 and wish i had gone to Tesco first. I will shop at Tesco first next time.
  14. What you would need is two batteries like a drill.
  15. The sooner Tesco starts with fuel the better. one monopoly to another, don't think that will achieve anything Tesco would break Scottish Fuels monopoly. Tescos prices in Wick for fuel are 20p per litre cheaper than Shetland.
  16. The sooner Tesco starts with fuel the better.
  17. Ah the Ferry Inn i remember it well, a good pub. The pool tables have gone and the profit margins have increased .
  18. If your looking for wild birds in Shetland try the Marlex.
  19. I have used the post office royal mail, they take up to 30kg quite good value too.
  20. lerwick


    DITT are about a third cheaper on wood than Build Base [hays] You have to watch the sooth firms here.
  21. The best policy is to wait until you have the money before you buy or do without. Banks or loan sharks are not in business to help you.
  22. I have found the harbour cafe and the coop cafe the best value in town. I have been in the perrie shop cafe once and i thought it was expensive, but it must have cost a bob or two to convert Stove & Smiths old store from the way i remember it.
  23. Try Michael Thomson for home reports always found him quite helpful. The company online i was looking at was 400 quid for a 200 thousand pound house. If you are selling it might be worth asking what would be cost effective to increase the house value .
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