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  1. Try B & Q they will deliver to a carrier to Shetland . A friend of mine has just bought doors from them, Build Base were more expensive and would have to order in the doors he required.
  2. I would have thought it would make an ideal outside toilet . You could set it up on the street and be able to see whats going on when your having a dump. Keep the phone if you want to phone a friend.
  3. Would a mobile phone not be better ?
  4. At least they are spending our cash in shetland, clarkie is going to leave Shetland with his easy made loot.
  5. I know of a few people that have used ARL logistics to transport cars to Aberdeen. I bought a car from Arnold Clark a few years back they delivered it free to Aberdeen and put it to the boat i didnt have to leave Shetland. They have a good selection of fully guaranteed cars on their website much less hassle than buying localy. They will also take a trade in you can send down on the boat for them to pick up.
  6. A friend of mine was offered 3 thousand for his car as a trade in he haggled and got 4 . The next day it was outside the garage with a price of 5500 pounds on it. A usefull tool when changing your car is the glasses used car price guide, the Vauxhall website provides access to it for all makes of cars.
  7. I must agree with you about like for like, the car i bought from the mainland was far better condition than similar cars from local car dealers. I have run it for three years now, saved three grand buying it. As for lamps Homebase is quite good.
  8. Arnold Clarks website is not too bad prices for used car . If you need a guarantee on the car you buy, buy from a dealer,a lot of car dealers advertise on Ebay , the autotrader site is quite good too. If the second hand dealers dont sell at your price leave them with their sheds and yards full.
  9. I remember a full page advert of discounted cars after September last year. Winter is coming garages need to sell to keep their cash flowing. The last car i bought was on Ebay at a two thirds the price of our local second hand dealers. The car was also delivered to Aberdeen from England by the seller. If you want to buy a second hand car from a local garage price it on Ebay and tell the garage how much you can get the same car for and if they dont play ball dont buy it.
  10. Didnt mean to rattle turningrights cage. This weeks paper one of our car dealers has a quarter of a millon pounds worth of peoples cast off cars for sale. Not good when Septembers trade ins have not arrived. If your in the market for a second hand car hold off bargains to be had.
  11. Wow thats some huge increase in floor area. He will need to squeeze a few of the other street shops profits to make that worth it. Pity he didnt relocate and built a shop of this size on an industrial estate where we could park at the door.
  12. What i hear is a few new mostly old and the new cars sold will lead to loads more old cars in september they must have a good bank manager.
  13. full of old cars? is this one of those " I did hear " stories?.....Yip. any basis in fact?..... probably not. I dont know ? I was told a shed full at dales voe .
  14. I did hear one of our local car dealers has a building rented from the port authority which is full of old cars.
  15. USA Alarms Jim Smith a bloke that comes up from Dundee he does a good cheap job . I think he still does all JW Grays alarms if you want to contact him Cecil from the camera shop is a pal of his.
  16. Interest my bank hbos has to offer at the moment is only 2.6% you would need a million pounds to earn 26000 in interest, less tax that would leave you 20800 but your capital would not be keeping up with inflation. Depending on how long you are going to live you could spend your capital and blow your children,s inheritance. You could invest in rental property and get a better return on your money but that brings a few of its own problems. Maybe buy a croft and but and ben with no electric or running water and grow your own food that would be cheap but hard living.
  17. Its strange If Harry had not converted tods wholesaler into a massive shop on the street, the old shops on the street would be more profitable.
  18. I think they used to sell tvs when they had the shop on the street. I remember the toy shop upstairs which was of more interest to me at the time. It was after the time when Harry started keeping toys that the shop shut. Funny if your in business someone is always after your loot most often the folk with the short memory.
  19. I have always done my own car repairs out of need not greed. I have always belived in an honest days work for an honest days cash the Shetland way, not the rip off culture that has come in from the mainland.
  20. Its better cash to sell the tyres and get your extras like valves and balance weights soon hikes the quoted price up. Exhausts are even better with up to 80% profit.
  21. I bought tyres for my car on ebay 100 quid cheaper than the quote i got localy, I fitted them using a couple of tyre levers and i didnt have to pay the old tyre valve rip off. Three quid for a 15p valve.
  22. Ah if only Tesco sold tyres.
  23. They stock a lot of lochs, i did have a list of lochs and amounts of fish i dont know where i have put it .
  24. What buisness would they have had on this private site? that should be in the police report or were they joy riding wasting all our tax money ?
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