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  1. Clive has a good letter in the Shetland News , why buy from me when Tesco is cheaper, would he buy his stock from the most expensive wholesaler good buisiness practice would be not to. Running your own finances is to buy from the cheapest shop, sorry Clive its buisnesss.
  2. I dont think there would be a problem fishing in any loch in shetland i have never had any. If fishing is your thing the anglers association would be a good club to join, my two trouts every five years is not worth 25 quid a year. There should be salmon running now no permit needed for dale tight lines.
  3. Dont get me wrong i think the fishing license is a good thing, it gets a few quid off the tourists.
  4. I might be wrong but were the road markings not changed after this accident ? That makes makes me think a problem was identified by the roads department ? Going at 60mph it would not be easy to stop if a stationary vehicle was stopped at the road junction faster no chance. I dont think this junction would be allowed today if planning was asked for. Some good points have been made on this topic, up to the courts though, whats for sure another fortune for our legal profession making their honest living.
  5. I have fished most lochs no license needed the fish dont know you still catch them.
  6. Am I the only person who thinks this lawsuit won't stand up in court? The cause of the accident seems to be mostly the careless driving of the non-police drivers. I wonder if suing the sic roads department might be a better case, no doubt if it is the police will shift the blame.
  7. People would not be flocking to tescos by the thousands if they didnt offer value for money. The coop is quite good too, i hope there is enough trade for both as a bit of competition keeps pencils sharp. Scottish fuels will find that out soon hopefully.
  8. Leasks might all of a sudden be able to sell fuel cheaper when Tesco builds their pumps could be a bit of a price war.
  9. Fuel sales is quite a lucrative business if you have large volume sales like leasks large rebates from the wholesaler too. I suppose its just changing times the likes of grantfield sound and sutherlands can forget about fuel sales when Tesco comes. Unless you have a site that can cope with large volume sales it will be quite useless trying to compete. They have all done very well out of fuel sales in the past big rebate cheques all around.
  10. Whether a middle man is Tesco or local shop it will make no difference to the local economy. One way to make a difference is to buy locally produced products. If you have a contact that will sell you local products for cash avoiding tax and vat that will help our economy more, not that i would promote that sort of activity.
  11. Local shopkeepers banks or Tescos bank How does this help my bank?
  12. Our planning department had to renegue on Chris hodges planning i dont think the LTCA will have enough sway wth their planning meeting to do the same with Tesco. A list of all the shops in the LTCA would be good on shetlink shame on you all.
  13. I think we should shut tescos, put the coop back to frank williamsons shop, get rid of all the big fishing boats, go back to setting haddock lines get rid of colour tv and build a picture house. Oh well one backward step out of six is not bad.
  14. Rod and line harbour street keeps all the essences and brewing kits prices are quite good miles beter than buying drink from Tesco.
  15. If they reduced prices in Shetland alone to get rid of competition the office of fair trading could be informed .
  16. Tescos being a large chain could not reduce the prices in Shetland branch alone to remove the competition.
  17. Should it not be the customers that dictate what is stocked by Tesco not the planning department? If they dont stock the goods you want to buy vote with your feet and dont go back. As for the letter from Vic Thomas it would be against the competition laws to reduce prices for the sole purpose of removing your competition and then increase prices. Case law Laker Airlines v British Airways. I agree big buisness needs to be reminded of the law now and again.
  18. lerwick


    Never mind when mareel opens posers will be a distant past memory .
  19. What we need is Tesco to come with fuel pumps next.
  20. I hope Tesco shop is supported well as it is a superb facility. I would never have thought the likes of it would have come to Shetland, its like an Aberdeen shop in Lerwick . It will certainly help keep people shopping in Shetland, Thank you Tesco.
  21. Minimum price for alchohol i have no problems with that as long as people are means tested then the higher paid folk pay more. Its only sugar and yeast quite simple to make . Some good vodka kits on Ebay 10 quid for 21 litres you will also need about 8 bags of sugar. I dont think their is a minimum age to buy these kit either which makes a mockery of the rules and regulations our goverment dreams up.
  22. Its good enough for the ltca after the way they treated Chris Hodge.
  23. Tesco has found to comply with planning guidelines full story in the shetland times website . Whats wrong with the LTCA members if they dont want to compete get a job like the rest of us.
  24. We should start by banning those wigs worn by our countrys legal profession. We must be the laughing stock of the world.
  25. I have found Colin Summers very good value for papering.
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