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  1. Have any of you had good service and value for money from local builders, garages ,plumbers etc. A list here could save us all from the cowboys.
  2. Northern Rock they had a balance to make you shudder.
  3. Malakoff shop for paint brushes. Sets of five fit for the job brushes are about 7 quid not a bad brush. Bath towels at the coop egyptian cotton 4 quid tescos were 6 quid i think. Its worth comparing prices with Tesco and the coop as i have found many items cheaper in the coop lately.
  4. Buildbase is not too bad but try to get the contractors prices.
  5. I think i saw him buy a film once it would have been around 1980. Give Niel and Alistair credit for being ever optimistic.
  6. I was going to post that link what good clean fun. I bought most of my electrical goods from Geordie Robertsons shop i found them very good to deal with and hope they dont take offence to this postings. Many thanks to all at Geordie Robertsons, i hope you continue to keep your overheads down so i can buy your goods.
  7. Bobby bayes picture framing would be hard to compete with on price and service. Not a service that you could get from Tesco.
  8. Its not me thats making the very very large profits i have nothing to be embarrased about. As for the rateble values, smith and harpers rates are about 22000 which is quite a large overhead as it does not qualify for small buisness rates relief. If you know of any benifit fraudsters i would appreciate you reporting them as i do not have a large income to pay for them with.
  9. Have any of you had any bargains from the shops in Shetland lately? I was in Tesco this morning, car wiper blades only 1.50. If you know of any genuine bargains post them here save us all a fortune.
  10. Is the Lerwick Street Traders the working mans friend?
  11. Not the police at the wrong this time. Just the old guys wearing the wigs.
  12. I must agree with you. Its the glass that gets me grind it up and destroy it to make concrete slabs ? In the past the bottles were washed out and reused grays lemonade etc. Cars are made to be recycled, could they not just make them to last? The only recycling in shetland as far as i can see is the bike project. pardon the pun.
  13. I was in tescos today its massive! Suits for under 50 quid . The shop will certainly help folk that have less which is good for shetland.
  14. . Rateable value on goerdie robertson shop is 6500 not a lot. very little overheads. They run a good shop overheads are low. Tesco will not put them out of buisness. Is your buisness as good, i dont think so with the sound of you. If your buisness goes to the wall it will be sold for peanuts so the next owner will have very little overheads as they will have not a colossal bank loan.Prices can be lower, Its a win win situation for us common working people.
  15. Geordie Robertsons shop has very little overheads at the hillhead they used to sell about 50 washing machines a month i was told. Dont know how many now , more i would think. If they can have the biggest share of the market in shetland from the small site at the hillhead they would be mad to move. It does seem a shame that Smith & Harpers shop has been empty for so long. It make a good shop for Chris Hodge if he upgraded his stock quality.
  16. Most of the electrical goods or components are made in china the manufacturing world is very small. A lot of the different makes come from the same factory.
  17. Did you see the debate to tv today. Should all police be armed, well if they are thats the end of free speach in this country.
  18. We all better get to tesco tommorow for the bargains before the lerwick mafia shuts them down. Dont know why tavish blethers on so much about fuel prices when food and clothing is a bigger issue maybe time he took on the street traders? Cheap fuel would be good too though.
  19. Shetland did have its own bank Hay & Co . Not the point i was making though, the profits from retail sales in shetland makes very little odds if in tescos bank or our street traders bank it still is no help for us poor peasants. As for rates a lot of our street shops will qualify for small business rate relief Tesco will certainly not.
  20. If we had all the different shops on the mainland in Shetland it would stop the need for people going to the mainland on shopping trips. The money would be spent within Shetland which would help our local economy. Its more shops we need not less. Street traders banking large profits is south banks helps no one locally.
  21. If the police could be trusted to uphold the law i would agree. The only problem is they have proven time and time again they can not. Can you remember the lost property stolen by a policeman in lerwick. The two police officers i think it was in Aberdeen dealing drugs. A policeman a shetlander sacked for bullying the list goes on and on.
  22. I wonder how many of the ltca members own property outwith Shetland , i know of a few. I even know of members that go on holiday and spend their profits. I dont think it helps our local ecconomy. If they can dictate what shops we can buy goods from we should be able to dictate where they spend their profits.
  23. Who cares if you buy from tesco the street or online let all the shops sell what they want give the service and prices they want. The customers will buy from the shops that suits them the best. I am not in favour of the street getting a monopoly over sales of non food items as this can only lead to higher prices for the public in Shetland. In a small community we cannot have street traders dictating who can have a shop and who can not.
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