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  1. One of our local electrical shops states on the shetland times website he can not compete with tesco. Looks like i wont have to check his prices against tesco as he admits to being more expensive.
  2. If some of the town shops have to close because people have voted with their feet perhaps our local planning department could allow change of use to much needed residential use ?
  3. The shops on the street contribute very little to the local ecconomy as most do not manufacture the goods they sell. They buy from a supplier put their whack on the goods and then sell on. We all could have more cash in our pockets if we all bought our goods online. The shops that help the local ecconomy are the likes of Anderson & Co they export locally manufactured knitwear. The shopkeepers will argue that they pay a lot of rates and wages into the local ecconomy but be under no misunderstanding you the customer pays for all.
  4. Street or Tesco ? i will buy from the retailer thats the cheapest i dont owe anyone a living, the more competition the better. I wouldnt say that its always the supermarkets though.
  5. You could just hire one buildbase is abt 70 quid for a days hire. It might be also be worth trying Tammy Leask from whiteness as he used to hire them.
  6. Thats a good idea tell sandy to get on his bike.
  7. Why not have a ferry and a tunnel . The ferry boys would be able to play 500 all day without any interruptions and the council could employ folk from outwith the isle on the ferry as they could drive home through the tunnel. I think it needs a feasibility study which i could undertake for a modest fee.
  8. Will he look after Shetlands economy above that of Orkney i wonder?
  9. Are they not green cars, its ok no greenhouse gasses then.
  10. If the alcohol is as expensive as the bar on the pier last weekend 2 pound a nip thats one hundred and twenty pounds for a 1.5 it wil make a fortune .
  11. Just wait for the budget. See what laird tavish is going to do to us all, same world just a different time.
  12. So peeriebryan wants to knock down peerie bettys shop. This town aint big enough for two peeries ?
  13. The Queen's man in Shetland is Lord Lieutenant John Scott assisted by his Deputy Bobby Hunter, so I would expect them to have played a part. I can only imagine that this honour appealed to their sense of humour. The comedy timing is immaculate. Bobby Hunters wife is or was a member of the childrens panel she is a thousand times the person sandy is. It would look worse if he nominated her though.
  14. Was he not also responsible for running a bar in Scalloway ?
  15. David clark got 250 thousand to go. Hopefully sandy will be happy with his blue peter badge from the old queeny to go.
  16. Knitting was a poor place to start cuts in shetland, it kept a lot of folk alive in shetland not too many years ago. The rewards are better than ever today if you stick at it. Its not by any means easy money but who wants that anyway?
  17. Did you hear radio shetland tonight? After being found guilty of wrongly reporting councillor wills to the standards commision, i thought josie made a poor job of apology. Looks as if you might get a tunnel if he digs himself in any deeper.
  18. loretta stewart hope she stands next time josie no chance.
  19. Florence does a good job for shetland. Her transport to lerwick is peanuts she does no evil when she is there. How much has sandy cost with his stupidity.
  20. Ians pub in whalsay its the place to be .
  21. well it a good job josie worked so hard and made lots of cash as it wont hurt him to pay for unfairly taking councillor wills to the standards commission . As for a tunnel to whalsay its the most hair brained scheme possible. With the state of the economy these people are out of touch with the real world. I would never vote for fishermen bashing but these councillors should be more responsible with our cash . Look after it as they do with their own.
  22. I bet he wont put any of the rich pickings he made at the fishing towards a tunnel.
  23. Fints has the most customers followed by the lounge then the marlex wheel and thule which are all much about the same. Does this mean flints has the best atmosphere ? i thought it was sweat and stale beer to be honest.
  24. I dont know whats the best pub. Flints has the most customers with a turnover of about half a million. The pub with the least customers is the noost with about 190 thousand pound turnover.
  25. The new mareel ? 99p a pint 50p a nip well hope so .
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