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  1. Mid Brae Inn ? Thats where the baileys challenge takes place very responsible well run pub.
  2. That will be two votes for them then yours and David Clarks are you getting quarter of a million too.?
  3. If weatherspoons saw the figures of the barralage for our local pubs they would be here like a shot.
  4. I would have thought all the gloating should have bee david clarks £470000 pre tax wages for 8 months employment not bad eh.
  5. Wick has a population of around 8000 wetherspoons have a bar in wick. Salcoats only has a population of 500 and it has 1 as well. Its the catchment area that is to have 20,000. What would our catchment area be with a population abt 22000 and a lot traffic through our ports.
  6. Wick has a population of around 8000 wetherspoons have a bar in wick.
  7. Lloyds group last i heard were dumping the tsb and keeping halifax bank of scotland that was last week but who knows.
  8. Reference for David clark should read worth his weight in gold. Second thoughts you wouldnt get that much gold for quarter of a million.
  9. Sandy wouldnt allow weatherspoons to come to shetland it would take trade from his new pub mareel. If he allowed them here i would still support my local the British Legion.
  10. Im old enough to remember a local lawer with a SC personal plate on his merc . Cant think what his name was. David tells me its santa claus.
  11. The sic has a lot of good people with track records working for it. A new chief out of the ranks would be best.
  12. Our councilors must feel guilty enough to pay for their mistakes surely they will pay Mr Clarks redundancy out of their own pockets.
  13. Why not pay Sandy Cluness 10 million to stand down. We would soon be in profit going by his track record over the last few years.
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