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  1. Thank you for your ideas. I have been on the flybe website for about probably the 20th time, and whatever the problem was, it has cleared it, all the months came up. Dunno what it was, probably my ancient old pc, or maybe me. Anyhow, problem solved.
  2. Yes I am going through the ADS site as normal, put in card details and pin number, select the two airports I want to travel through, but when it comes to putting in the month I want it just isn't giving me any options other than it says Month or February 2013. Its really frustrating, and their office is only open Monday to Friday, so by the time I can speak to anyone, it will be too late. I give up, good old Northlink at least their website works.
  3. No, nothing works, I book all my flights online and there isn't normally a problem. Unless my pc has got some silly security thing set up and is treating it like an add-on or something ad has blocked it. Don't know. Maybe try someone elses computer.
  4. Thank you I will try. It only gave me the option of month or February outgoing, and February or one-way only on return. I tried clicking everywhere, but I will go on again and give it a go.
  5. Am I the only person who is having problems with Flybe's seat sale? Yesterday when I went on the website I could only get up February 2013, thought it might be a glitch, so left it. Went back on today, still the same. Maybe it is me or my pc, but it is really frustrating. Any ideas?
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