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  1. So you work 22 weeks a year then, not 21. That will make a big difference to those in the real world working ~46 weeks a year. There was me thinking teachers had it good! Can you clear up what is possibly an Urban Myth doing the rounds up here, in that the ferry cannot be tied up at midnight so that the crews on the NorthLink boats qualify not to pay UK tax on their substantial earnings? Sorry to disappoint "stirrer". Even if it was true,it's the Goverment who set the timetable, and if they set it for the ferry to sail at two in the morning then two it would be or three,it wouldn't be for the boats to decide.Good idea though, (Note to self) Must start a campaign to get the Goverment to stop taxing British seamen,so as we can add to our substantial wages.
  2. Mate,once you see the new prices you won't be able to afford fish and chips let alone a pint.As for coffee we will use the smell of it to bring you round!!!
  3. You fancy doing this for a hobby. I, personally, would have no problem with a job on the ferry. Indeed, when planning what to do when leaving school, tried for the merchant navy, but unfotrtunatley in the mid 80's opportunities were few and far between. I assume you were aware of the likely conditions encountered on the North Sea before applying for a job with P&O / NorthLink, so you must be happy to work in the on the ship. If not, take the generous voluntary redundancy offer and move on. Continually complaining about the possible conditions you face will not cut it with the majority of people in the islands. Many many people face horrid conditions aty work - nurses, policemen at RTA's, even construction workers on a bad day, but none of them have been handed a 10% pay rise in the last 3 years. Most of them also have the 'endure' their conditions for more than 21 weeks a year as well. 1.Some of us joined the Merchant Navy when trips were spoken of in 6,8,9, months even 1 year trips weren't unusual. To come from that to two week on two weeks of was a long hard fight,it wasnt handed to us on a plate,That's why we're trying to protect what we have,and if you'd had been successful in gaining a career in the MN you may have been fighting for the same things.unless of course your one of these people who just roll over and take what's given to you. 2. I was in bad weather long before I came to the North Sea. 3.Not everyone was accepted for redundancy,and not every department was offered iit. You should check your facts. 4.We are not complaining we are merely replying to some of the misinformed on here.... If you want better conditions in your employment join a Union ,fight for it,,instead of moaning about what other people have. 5.Not once have we asked for the Islanders to" cut it" as you put it,but We appreciate any backing we get and are gratefully for it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. You fancy doing this for a hobby.
  5. Haw, thats no allowed, insider information !!!!!! Suppose your right Chook ...anyways could do with a few bob win to pay for my new Hoose!!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- All roads lead to Govan.
  6. Your right,they aren't on nothing and here's one reason why!!
  7. mmm think what a public owned company are offering its staff is our concern. if the scottish goverment give even 1 pence in support then it becomes public business; lets get this straight your getting 1.5 plus 4.5 plus 4.5 or 10.5 over 3 years. were every other public sector worker got 1% over the same 3 years. ever thought that may be a reason that they need to cut staff you have priced the jobs out of existence. Do people begrudge working men and women a pay rise ??? yes if its out of step with reality. Mmmmmm, the pay rise was agreed with the Scottish exec and Northlink. Most working men and woman would say good for you ,go for it,unlike some people who are just jealous .Why shouldn't we get some of what the Bankers and Executives in quangoes etc been getting for years. Do people begrudge a decent wage for the men and women who work in these conditions --------------------------------------------------------------------------- All roads to Govan
  8. Lets hope things do reach a mutual agreement,but didn't it take a strike to get Serco to the table? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All roads should Lead to Govan!!!!!!
  9. Passengers have already been left on the quayside. Albeit this was down to the "exciting refurb" being carried out at the time,but with the minimum manning level being reduced this is just the tip of the iceberg. Stuart Garrett seems to think that that crew will sit at home on no wages on the off chance that they will get a phone call to go aboard when the passenger figures go over 300.I dont know what planet he is from but this will not work on mine!! What is he going to do ?open a box ? As ruidh has already stated, the pay rise was negotiated nearly 18 months ago with the then employer, Northlink. Not that this has anything to do with anyone on here but the agreement was 1.5% pay rise last year, 4.25% this year and the same again next year. This was NEGOTIATED and agreed with both employers and scottish government, and was part of the agreement that whoever took over the contract would honour this deal. The pay rise kicked in on Oct 1st, so any statements from Serco regarding a pay rise is purely inflammatory and just to muddy the waters and divert attention away from the real issues. As has been mentioned before, this is STILL below the rate of inflation. Do people begrudge working men and women a pay rise ??? On yourself Chook......by the way the strikes been suspended,I'd like to think this is a positive move,but I'd be very wary of Mr G he's a sly character,nothing to say he doesn't keep them talking till after the festive period then bang he battens down the hatches again.But hey let's not be cynical maybe there is a Santa,only thing is I don't remember him being 4 foot with horns ,and a tail!!!!
  10. The 4% pay rise was over three years and was agreed with the previous Employer,and it was an agreement which both parties were happy with,and yes I think I'm worth it and,I think I'm worth it when I'm out in bad weather night after night,making sure you can get your fresh milk in Tesco's. The redundancies are done,no one can bring these people back and yes they received a reasonable package.THE PROBLEM IS WHAT'S HE GOING TO DO NEXT,THOSE OF US THAT ARE LEFT NEED TO PROTECT WHAT WE HAVE. Sorry about the capitals (Shouting) but I want people to understand what we are trying to do.
  11. http://www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/2012/12/15/strike-is-about-union-leaders-ego-says-scott. Tavish,if you read this,your talking rubbish.The people on the ships just want their terms and conditions protected.Instead of making silly statements why don't you act as a go between and earn yourself some brownie points. If its true what Kieth brown said in the Scottish parliament the other day... "For example, as I understand it, there's a commitment from Serco that the terms and conditions which apply to staff will not be revisited again.". Then all Serco have to do is to convey this in writing to the Ships and your strikes over,and mind I said to the Ships.
  12. I'm afraid I have to agree with you there.
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