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  1. Willie 'no Job' gets his seat back at the trough, with special projects his task. Any body have any idea what projects he might be employed at? Maybe a permanent senior Shetlink moderator perhaps? 'Ah' but the Dave Clark five has banned SIC lackies from spewing their 'I hate Sandy Cluness' and 'Gazza Robinson is ace' out to the masses during office hours. Meanwhile - Our budget deficit goes from £16m in the hole to £16.1m in the hole. And guess what - we are now going to employ a capital projects manager to oversee projects we really dont need, never mind we cant afford! Beam me
  2. Caeser


    Judane have the SIC over a barrel with regards to the widely reported planning problem from Dodgy Hodgy days. I guess the argument is that if the planners had not made a bottom of the change of use, Judane would have sold the building for more than T&N offered and would have therefore cleared their feet. Not only will SIC not get our money back, I bet we now have to pay compensation for the planning foo pah as well...... As they say in the movies 'you couldn't make it up!'
  3. It can't be long now! We are going to see some fireworks long before Up Helly Aa. It really is becoming a joke, an embarrasement to our community and I really do not know what it will take to bring it to conclusion. Councillors - hold your heads in shame! Some lower than others. Resign enmasse and call a by election.
  4. should Gary Robinson and Andrew Huhgson go too then? Yes
  5. Or was it a case of serious backtracking.............................. by our worthy wannabee convener Cllr Angus?
  6. I guess that if unless Dr Wills and his cronies can come up with a new tack to get the Dave Clarke Five sacked then I foresee more trouble and more public humiliation for Shetland ahead. They do not appear to have any scruples in that regard. I really cannot see him being beat. Picture the scene in the chamber, with Dr Wills dropping cheap shots at the CE about his love life etc when the debate is going against him. Who is the bully................... I also note his comments are now being checked out by the SIC legal team. I guess it is too early to resign but given he has previous i
  7. Anyone know why we are building a new pier and breakwater at Fetlar? I see one of our esteemed councillors was swearing in the chamber last week on the subject due to an apparent lack of progress. This construction surely cannot be deemed as being the saviour of the Island? I mean we have Foula and Papa Stour as examples of collapsing communities, both of which have piers etc and a nil economy. South Havra and Hildasay for example, both used to have communities living on them, but were deemed unviable to continue. If we had a spendaholic council 100 or so years ago, would they be ge
  8. The crofter gets 50% of the income with the landord getting the other half.
  9. I think you will find plenty of crofters out there willing to give up some blades of grass for 30k per turbine per year.
  10. Has there ever been any thought given to what we (the collective Shetland community) are going to do if the wind farm does not go ahead? Currently we are having to spend our capital to cover our ongoing costs. Revenue seems to have been forgotten about. For example, we are now paying our well off folk £300 to heat their houses from who knows where. I was wondering what everyone on here thinks will happen. I for example do not want the windfarm, because it will be the biggest eyesore in history, but do not see any other alternative but to have it, to generate the bawbees to pay for our o
  11. I think it is disgusting. There are many low income families who are far more needy than some of the old folk who have had very comfortable lives in the oil or fishing industries, or even worked for da coonty with their fancy pensions. I really think there is a discrimination issue here. Why not me? Wonder if we could get Jonathon Wills to take up the issue? The really sad thing is that da coonty does not have the money to spend. What they are doing is that instead of spending the interest from their investments they are spending the capital, which should be kept for future generat
  12. Never mind whether the CE will survive. What about Cllr Wills reputation? There is, it appears, a complete lack of evidence in respect of the allegations, at present (at least publically)? One persons word against another. Well someone has to be lying? 50 -50 I guess? Where does that leave Joe public? Do you believe the employer or the employee?
  13. Where can you see the complaint? It seems paulb knows about it? I'm clearly behind the times? Any links would be most welcome.
  14. Well if you consider that they first built a fishing pier, then a ferry terminal, then a marina, then they did six years of research which proposed a different site due to lack of space at Symbister, then finally today they agreed go against the research findings and knock down the marina they built several years ago and rebuild it somewhere else , then I suppose it is progress. Wonder how much that all cost even before the first batch of concrete is poured.
  15. Well - we are half way through the current council period??????????? Are we any further forward than when we had the last bunch, everyone complained about. Mission impossible - methinks
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