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  1. Tink FlanderN is been on da Patunk!
  2. Da contractor dat installed dem wis a company caaed Lochwynd. On da signs up on site it said dey wir wirkin on behalf o SSE so I wid winder if its tae do we windmill wark. Da 3 meist Nort points whar da solar panels wir fitted dat I saw is da lower Voe junction, da Clubb o Mulla an wan at Sussteter which wid tell dem trafic levels goin through Dales lees possably?
  3. I fairly agree we da letter an certainly agree we Kevin but I tink dat whit Shetlandforwirds is doin is a good thing an da only wye tae keep da dialect alive atall is tae promote it as best as it can be. Da dialect is dat wattered doon eenoo dat very useable wirds an phrases ir noo lost never mind a lot o actual wirds lik Smirl an Sol Brigda (dat I didna keen an certainly hivna much hed tae use but in seein it here I hiv been educated) so as lang as it is bein promoted atall an encouraged I see nothing wrang .As weel as dat da use o da dictionaries fur a dialect mibee isna da usual use if dat maks sence. In my opinion da Shetland dictionaries ir mair a guide tae da wirds as a spellin kis da wirds differ district tae district fur instance "coll o hay " an "cole o hay" so tae depend on ony dictionary ower muckle whin it comes tae a dialect mibee isna a good idea. I hiv heard dat dey ir a lok o Shetland fok wha moved tae New Zealand in da 40's, 50's an 60's an med dir hom in Mount Manganui in Tauranga an da Shetlanders wha visited in da 80's fan dem still usin a lok o da old Shetland dialect dey left Shetland we an wir usin wirds dat dir ain generation wha wir geen oot tae veesit dem wir forgotten. Da reason dat dey kept it sae weel wis kis whin dey fell in we dir neebirs an idders fae Shetland dey spok awa we it but afore dey managed tae mak a life fur demsells oot dare dey most o been able tae mak demsells understood tae da New Zealanders.
  4. Looked on the sites you mentioned but nothing looks like it. Possably it is sum mixed up breed of somekind. Thanks fur your help though!!
  5. Sorry Ididna git a photo an my drawings irna up tae much!! will try da RSPB identifier, cheers ta fur your help!!
  6. There is been a peerie yellow sparrow sized bird around wis fur a day or two (gone today though). It wis a canary yellow colour we a scarlet red spot behind its eye, some o da yellow feathers hiv black tips but the bird is mostly bright yellow. We canna see it in any of wir bird books, dus anybody have any idea what it could be??
  7. Du could check oot YOUTUBE we da model o da telly an see if ony o da problems dey ir fixin is da sam, I hiv seen fok fixin wans on dare an da components can usually be gotten fae da CPC catalogue or Ebay. Might help a bit dependin on whit is up we it. Sure dat du could shune git sumthin clatched on we da solderin iron tae sort it oot!!!
  8. Dearest wan whit a Kerry on dey ir we dem!!!
  9. Its probably been mentioned before but centralisation is going on in Shetland all the time just now tae my mind especially with school closures etc. I was at the Wednesday night meeting about school closures in Northmavine where apparently up as 200 fok turned oot. all very passionate tae keep education in our local areas. If schools like North Roe primary wis tae close the eventual effect is that North Roe would probably cease to be a community. Our Islands our Future cant really work unless there is a island to fight for and if rural communities dwindle there is no island left, ruined by exactly what we are fighting for.!
  10. I think it is going to get rescued tomorrow from what I hear!!
  11. I windered aboot dis asweel, If two fok wir sittin at da market cross , wan drinkin black rum fae a teacup an wan drinkin mineral water fae a red tin I wid think dat da wan on da mineral water wid be the wan buddered by da police.Mibee da bylaw concerns promotion o drink redder dan actual sensible drinking but dat is joost da wye I tink they ir meanin it tae be.So black rum fae a teacup at da sands o Soond is mibee a possibility??
  12. I have been told of a medicine that helped a cat that lost its hair called blood salts.It was apparently added to milk as a powder form.This was a bra time ago though but I windered if anybody has any idea what this would have been or is.Cheers tae you!
  13. I hear dey ir going tae hay da 3rd Friday in Febuary aff instead for da Nort Up Helly Aa
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