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  1. Congratulations to Ryan Wright who was elected 2029 Lerwick Guizer Jarl this evening.
  2. They most certainly do - its tomorrow - more info here http://shetlopedia.com/Northmavine_Up_Helly_Aa
  3. ooops - linking to external pics not allowed pics are at http://shetlopedia.com/Scalloway_Fire_Festival_2012
  4. 2012 Jarl Simon Mullay & his squad at Da Waterfront this morning. http://shetlopedia.com/images/8/82/2012_SFF_01_-_kozetland1.jpg
  5. He also has an excellent blog... https://communities.uhi.ac.uk/sh01sc/weblog/
  6. They turn up in Shetland from time to time. Yours may be this individual that was at Gremista in late Jan / early Feb - click the link below. http://www.nature-shetland.co.uk/naturelatest/archives/birdarchive11jan.htm Where is yours?
  7. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_8x_S5JH0FZk/TTGeZbZzrhI/AAAAAAAAEdM/1DEncuPUVMg/s1600/2011+Scalloway+433.jpg A few pics of the day & evening events at http://kozetland1.blogspot.com
  8. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_8x_S5JH0FZk/TTBVD_rvDqI/AAAAAAAAEbQ/MynheFfmaxA/s1600/DSC06499.JPG 2011 Jarls Squad this morning (before the rain). apologies for the pic size but it has to be big to see everyone. in answer to the above query - 7pm light up & march to the burning site at Port Arthur.
  9. Shetland Fire Festival Dates 2011 Scalloway - Friday 14 January Lerwick - Tuesday 25 January Nesting & Girlsta - Friday 4 February Uyeasound - Friday 11 February Northmavine - Friday 18 February Bressay & Cullivoe - Friday 25 February Norwick - Saturday 26 February South Mainland - Friday 11 March Delting - Friday 18 March
  10. Plenty of pics here.......... http://www.thursorotary.org/index.asp?pageid=273871
  11. Lerwick Squad are NOT at Cunningburgh (Sandwick) Regatta this weekend - but they will be at Aith on Sunday - along with...... LUHA (Lerwick) SMUHA (South Mainland) DUHA (Delting) NUHA (Northmavine)
  12. Very true EM - torchlit in the wrong place - also 19 June - Lerwick Jarl Squad - accompanied with the specially built Hamefarin 2010 Galley will be visiting the Flavour of Shetland site at Victoria Pier. The squad will march from Harbour Street along Commercial Road to the the site from 1pm.
  13. !!!! Its working now - heres the original text. Can anyone add any details of any Jarl Squads visits (from any of the 10 Jarl Squads) - those below I am aware of. Lerwick Jarl Squad Friday/Saturday - Sandwick Regatta, Sandwick. South Mainland Jarl Squad Sunday 6 June 2010 – Aith Lifeboat Gala, Aith – The Jarls Squad will be at the Gala and will march from the Aith Hall to the Pier at 2pm. All Jarl Squads Saturday 26 June – Hamefarin 2010 Viking Parade, Lerwick - The Jarls Squad (along with all the other 2010 Shetland Jarls Squads – 10 in total, plus the Junior 2010 Lerwick Jarls Squd, plus the Lerwick Up Helly Aa Jarls Squads from the past 10 years – around 400 Guizers in total), will will take part in a torch-lit parade around Clickimin Loch. The mass parade of Vikings will culminate in the burning of a galley on the Loch of Clickimin, specially adapted by the Lerwick Up Helly Aa Committee. The squads will assemble at the T.A. Hall, Lerwick around 8pm and march to the Clickimin around 10.15pm. The provisional torchlit route is from the T.A. Hall along the Town Hall Brae to King Harald Street, to King Haakon Street and Burgh Road, to St. Sunniva Street and Gilbertson Road, then along Anderson Road to Lochside. The Hamefarin Galley will be floated near the Clickimin Broch and burnt floating at the north end of the loch. http://www.shetlandhamefarin.com/viking-parade
  14. None at all - pure plain text - straight from notepad. When i pasted it in - it didnt appear - when i typed directly into the post - the text appeared. I did send the text to a mod to put in - but it didnt appear in the pm either....so here's a little something instead "I'm in trouble with the SSPCA - Cash for Gold dont take fish"
  15. I give up - the text is all here below this text but it refuses to post it...
  16. Work commenced on the project today - but nobody appears to have noticed !!! http://kozetland1.blogspot.com/2010/04/almost-unnoticed-piece-of-shetland.html
  17. ooops - apologies youre quite right, I forgot to resize - a better one above. others at http://kozetland1.blogspot.com I personally thought this one had a good chance..... http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_8x_S5JH0FZk/S7UUFoW8iBI/AAAAAAAABP4/YCMq47Px4V4/s1600/2010+Smiths+3.jpg
  18. many thanks Ghostrider - heres the winning window http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_8x_S5JH0FZk/S7US3R4x9CI/AAAAAAAABPw/OMnd6MydnQs/s1600/2010+Shetland+Art+Co+1.jpg
  19. Anyone know who won the best shop window UHA display? - I missed it in the Times although I was told it was probably the disturbingly lifelike dolls in the Shetland Art Company window.
  20. Its April 1st today i believe. I was told it had been shot but I cannot confirm that. Its a bizarre thing to do - bring foxes up here whether alive or dead, but its presumably amusing to some folk.
  21. Another dead fox found by the side of the road at Gulberwick today. It appeared freshly dead and appeared to have been shot. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_8x_S5JH0FZk/S7NQgQPTeUI/AAAAAAAABMo/j1896BJgSxU/s1600/Fox-+South+Mainland+-+30-03-2010+-+left+side.JPG The third one I have seen here - one was an all white Arctic Fox (presumably swam to shore from a passing iceberg). As a non-native species suggestions regarding its origins are welcome - someone went to a lot of trouble to bring it here.... Mods - please remove photo if anyone finds it offensive.
  22. The Birds of Shetland book has an extensive list of Shetland bird names and their source - appendix 1 pp540-542. this one http://www.amazon.co.uk/Birds-Shetland-Helm-County-Avifauna/dp/0713660384/ref=sr_1_1/280-6454214-9970812?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1269698154&sr=1-1 and the annual Shetland Bird Report published by the Shetland Bird Club has the [known] Shetland names against the species accounts, as did the annual Shetland Sea Mammal Report until it went belly up a few years ago.
  23. Apologies if this link has been put up before but this site has some amazing 'Google Streetview' style panoramic images of the 2010 Lerwick Up Helly Aa. http://billward.eu/uha/index_uha.htm
  24. Was the galley burnt with the excellent carved head still attached? The Uyeasound galley has an excellent carved head but is not burnt. A second galley is burnt instead. Just wondered if the head was kept or a new one carved each year.
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