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  1. not only do West Utd have a really good chance of reachin da senior final again this year but also da under 21s. hope it will be the year we win it!!
  2. Burra have pulled oot because they are missin alot o players. Whitedale have not pulled oot we are playing celtic on friday on da brae astroturf. an yes it has been a bit o a shambles, should have been organised alot earlier or not been played atall dis year.
  3. Who win da A league? B league? Works league? parish cup? ect. And also any other competitions in different sports.
  4. Was in a pub in Glasgow a few weeks ago for a friend fae Shetlands bday, I went to the bar and got speakin to the barman (who i had never met) it turned out his cousin was fae Shetland!
  5. Theres no chance of Aberdeen comin 2nd. And on your point about Rangers goin down they are on the way up under the guidence of Walter and Ally. Theres no chance we are as bad as we were under paul le guen. Hearts are definately dwindling!
  6. Club Deck. Yea itl be a good nite, iv been to quite a few games dis season, you been to many?
  7. The managers probubly had a say in who they thought should be included, but ultimately it should have been the Shetland managers choice.
  8. Going to Ibrox to watch da teddy bears on thursday, where we will hopefully show the Israelis how the Rangers can play (or at leased better than we did in the first leg).
  9. Whitedale/Westside against Burra. Especially last season!
  10. Totally agree Stoichkov Kevin should be, Gary Tullochs another wan who played really well last year.
  11. Whose da 7 players that have been added? Da shetland times online is not letting you view anything.
  12. I was at the Danny Kyle Stage at Celtic Connections in Glasgow that night, first time i had been to something like dat. Was really good and the Fortunate Sons were amazin! Would definately go see them again in Glasgow.
  13. As far as im aware a good few o da Whitedale boys were going to join Thistle last year including myself, some were joining other teams such as Whalsay and Scalloway. But due to Martin Gibbs stepping in and saying he would run the team all the boys came back even tho it was in the B league, Tompy had already signed fur Thistle thinkin we were all following suit.
  14. As i stated before if you are good enough then you should be there no matter what division you happen to play in. If Whitedale were playin in the B league again this season I wouldnt hesitate to play for them, because that is my club. Why stop playin fur da team you have grew up playin fur to play we a different team? And i hope da rest o da Whitedale boys feel da same.
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