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  1. Yea, more dat kinda idea. Cud even try Petrofac fur da cash to do it, lots o 4x4 shwan up da roads just noo!
  2. No joost filter lanes , I shud say slip roads too. Bit da council will say "dat'll cost millions" reader as joost gitten on we it , an savin twartree lives.
  3. How mony weeks is it fae da brig o fitch wis hocit up last ? No inta double figers yet I tink. Bit late spare !! Yun i'll be da council doen it again. It's no liten up posts dat's needed its filter lanes , so you can git aff an on da main drag mare slikly I tink.
  4. Tink i saa a rock star an Dick Straabridge on yun Sam Haib coorse, heavens knows whit day wir doen dare !
  5. Petur Petursson is da man fur dat job! He even got a certain Lerik lolly pop handler (Barina Mruce) trow hir test a few year ago! He even got top LAP deckhond Bephen Sreivik trow his Hiab coorse last week, Mr Peturson did dou a bit o sweatin an swearin we both bit he got dem trow. Is'n dat rite Peter ?
  6. Dats dem on da nort boat. Still wan consultation, freight will be cheaper goen south we wan less caravan!
  7. Try Wippy Clark, Mid Yell. He maks windows, doors, gates, benches, black bag boxes and fits dem . He bigs boats tuo. He's a good fun asweel. Tel 01957702223.
  8. Agree we Colin n Johnnie, but sums no right . More lik £35k each in da office. Only need ta loss 4 persons fae da office.
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