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  1. fish

    Fiddle workshops

    There are some of us older beginners who would love to play too. We did not have the opportunities when we were wee and just catching up,
  2. There are a large number of descendants of the couple. They are called "Eagle bairns." Gussie Angus is one, for example. I and my family ir frae dat tu an I have the geanology dat gings wie hit
  3. fish

    New Year

    javascript:emoticon(':P')I remember being able to do an eightsome reel at the cross ;the boats all blowing and the toon hall ring oot auld lang sine. evryone had a merry time den went first fitting. Like haas been said nearly aa da cross attenders are bairns fu'o'drink.
  4. oops should have checked my spelling, before posting
  5. have our virgin yerritory appreciated before they cover it with wind mills!! glad you had a good visit.
  6. Most Air lines see them as essential baby equipment. if you use your car seat onboard you have to pay for a seat.
  7. weel sed HJT, cude no hae pit hit better me'sell. I mind whin at da skule we wir no allood tae spik Shet'lan in da class even doe we hed been wi da teachers jist twa meenites afore. I know when typing fast in an effort to respond quickly to posts one can make typo-graphical errors but there are more errors here than should be.
  8. Just want to wish you good luck Sakchai for next Friday. We will all be thinking of you and praying for a quick resolution to your situation and Hope you will back home on Saturday free. Could not make it to the Clickamin on Saturday I had to work.
  9. I see what you are saying folks but I was actually thinking of Shetland end of the journey. Aberdeen would be ok as long as they can get over the bar at the harbour mouth.
  10. Being married to a British subject does not antomatically confer citizenship only the right to live in Britain. My son born in the USA to a Shetland mam had to be registered with the British consulate in the USA to be assured of his citizenship in Britain. this made him a duel national. For Sakchai and Uthai and others like them comming as children they have leave of residence for an indefinate period. or until comming of age i.e.18. Sakchai put his privilage in jepardy when he was sentenced for arson. Being born in this country automatically gives citizenship hope this helps.
  11. having just scanned through this thread I am wondering would the harbour be deep enough for a bigger boat the Norrona just makes it. Anything bigger and we would have to start dregging the harbour. Location. I would stick with Aberdeen, lots of us Shetlanders have family there, some of the folksgoing to the ARI for treatment who do not like to fly still can get there by boat. Northlink could do with shaking up their ideas thouhg and provide the service Shetlanders really need , i.e. more and cheaper sleeping accomodation. I empathize with the students on tight budgets. most don't mind roughin
  12. could we make it some kind 'o Shetland caliadh( I think thats how it's spelt
  13. Think the idea is great what about the sound hall or cunningsburgh hall does it have to be a bar some families might like to come to a comedy evening. Especially to support Sakchai.
  14. Would the wind house every one is alluding to be the house in Mid yell. I have alwas know it as the hoose 'o' windows, me granfaither , used tae tell wis stories ( he wis frae Mid yell) 'n he telt wis dat sumaen wis kilt and burried under da flag stanes at da back 'o da hoose. dat da dead eens haunted da hoose ower newrdy. stories in da late fifties early sixty's good wan njugle ga'ed me quite a gluff whit an adrenaline rush!!!
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