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  1. Hello Shetlandpeat! Thanks for asking! We completed our 3 peak challenge and managed to raise £3200 for the maternity unit which meant that they could buy the baby warming bed and all the kit! The bed has since been used by babies in the unit meaning that they could stay in with their parents to be treated which is exactly the result we wanted. Thanks again! Zoe and James
  2. I recently read The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. It was his debut book. It is the first book of a fantasy trilogy. It is the most amazing book I've ever read and I've read a lot more than fantasy fiction. I've read some of the classics and this book beats them all. All you need is an open mind (to accept fantasy fiction) and a little patience as it's a long one. The beauty of this book is that the protagonist is believable and his choices always mirrored either what I would do or what would've liked to have done. It is al the best bits of Harry Potter, Oliver Twist and Lord of the rin
  3. This seems to be going well and people obviously have some great ideas - lets keep the peace now please as I don't want folk to have to trawl through a lot of unhelpful messages. I'm getting loads of tips that are really helpful and everyones ideas are valid! thanks and keep it up!!
  4. Hello, I am looking to get advice and tips on saving money and cutting costs so that I can live better for less. Any tip , no matter now small, would be really appreciated - whether it's around the home, travel , shopping, savings, banks debt or work - any area of life is relevant! I am part of a group at the moment and we are thinking we might produce a free top tips guide so that even more people in shetland can spend less in their day to day lives. ANY thoughts greatly appreciated! Many thanks [/b]
  5. As a thank you to the staff of Gilbert Bain Hospital's Maternity Ward for taking such great care of our very special baby girl Esme we are walking three peaks in Great Britain to raise the funds to buy a special bed to keep tiny babies warm alongside their parents The plan of action is to scale Ronas Hill (Shetland) 1476ft then Scafell Pike (England) 3209ft then Snowden (Wales) 3560ft all in the space of 2 weeks. Any sponsorship, no matter how small will help us to achieve the minimum amount required (£2200) to buy this great piece of equipment which could help so many future peerie shetl
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