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  1. Well judging by Volvo's announcement that they are planning to be purely hybrid/electric by 2019, Crashbox may well be right.
  2. Maybe if Wir Shetland members didn't bicker so much people would be more inclined to listen to their aims. Just a thought.
  3. I don't know of any but I reckon there would be interest if someone with the inclination was looking to start a group.
  4. I think everyone with a Shetland-related blog should post their links to every day. Because why not?
  5. Ghostrider, you were told in the op it was 'yun wife', so you are excused
  6. I was just about to ask why you are assuming he is a she?
  7. I'm not sure, but I sent them an email in January and I'm still waiting for a reply.
  8. I watched some of these when they went out free recently. They interview people that have used frankincense /cannabis oil/changing eating habits etc. What struck me was many of the success stories came from people that had conventional treatment, and decided not to carry on with follow up treatment and instead use ttac's recommended treatments. Ttac pretty much ignored the possibility that maybe the conventional treatment worked.
  9. zebedee


    Do you think if we asked nicely, Norway would let us come and play with them instead?
  10. zebedee


    I'm still confused Colin. Your post and further 'clarification' make no sense.
  11. zebedee


    I would respond - but I'm not very sure of the point you are trying to make, Colin. Why would they have commitment to an 'out' vote?
  12. zebedee


    If you choose just this one issue to focus on when deciding on a candidate, you stand a very good chance of choosing a candidate that you disagree with on issues that they have much more say in. So maybe it is a good thing they all agree - it means people might pay attention to the the issues that the elected representative will actually have a say in. Voting on the basis of the EU referendum is very short sighted.
  13. zebedee


    Quite possibly just you. IMO the opinions of the candidates regarding the referendum is largely irrelevant, as they get one vote each on it, same as the rest of us. It's a one-off referendum, and as such shouldn't be a focus when it comes to deciding on an elected representative that will have a much larger say on all political matters affecting Scotland for the next few years than they do with regards to the referendum.
  14. There's a knit and chat group in Mareel on a (I think) Thursday afternoon. It's supporting people with Alzheimer's but I think anyone is welcome.
  15. The series is based on a series of books called Shetland - should they have changed the location to somewhere fictitious? When they come to film a book, they want to keep it as close to the book as possible, but they do need to find places suitable to film. It might not always be possible to keep it completely accurate.
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