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  1. One of the reasons I support Wir Shetland is to end the discrimination against our rural areas. If only people would listen to our aims instead of getting distracted by the online bickering that goes on. 


    Maybe if Wir Shetland members didn't bicker so much people would be more inclined to listen to their aims.


    Just a thought.

  2. I watched some of these when they went out free recently.


    They interview people that have used frankincense /cannabis oil/changing eating habits etc.


    What struck me was many of the success stories came from people that had conventional treatment, and decided not to carry on with follow up treatment and instead use ttac's recommended treatments. Ttac pretty much ignored the possibility that maybe the conventional treatment worked.

  3. If you choose just this one issue to focus on when deciding on a candidate, you stand a very good chance of choosing a candidate that you disagree with on issues that they have much more say in. So maybe it is a good thing they all agree - it means people might pay attention to the the issues that the elected representative will actually have a say in.


    Voting on the basis of the EU referendum is very short sighted.

  4. I read that all 4 candidates for the forthcoming Scottish elections are pro staying in the EU .As this is the major issue of our time right now am i the only one how thinks there is a lack of democracy here ..  http://www.shetnews.co.uk/news/12321-all-four-candidates-want-uk-to-stay-in-eu


    Quite possibly just you.


    IMO the opinions of the candidates regarding the referendum is largely irrelevant, as they get one vote each on it, same as the rest of us. It's a one-off referendum, and as such shouldn't be a focus when it comes to deciding on an elected representative that will have a much larger say on all political matters affecting Scotland for the next few years than they do with regards to the referendum.

  5. As far as I'm aware, the majority of aircraft engineering done 'on-island' is helicopter engineering. Certainly at Scatsta airport the aeroplane engineers flew up for the day from Aberdeen, whereas the helicopter ones stayed locally.


    There are three airports, one is run for the oil industry, the helicopters are run by Bristow. Tingwall airport has small aircraft that fly to the smaller islands. And Sumburgh - there are helicopters based there too.


    Good luck!

  6. Who said it's everywhere? I have yet to see you back up your claims with ANYTHING even close to evidence.


    If you are taking what I said to mean it's everywhere you are misinterpreting what I said. Effectively I said it MAY be more visible. Not that it is everywhere.


    'Parents are even supplying the drink'. Uhuh. Another unsubstantiated comment which you yourself admit is hearsay.


    Just WHAT are you hoping to achieve with this thread?

  7. I'm not justifying it - but I have yet to see any evidence that the perception that you have is any way close to the truth.


    I don't see parents actively encouraging their children to get drunk. The parent of teenagers that I know allow their kids some drink for occasions, but actively encourage them to drink sensibly. I know more than one parent to have been really pissed off with their teenager that drank way more than they should have.


    My teenagers go out way less than I ever did at that age. We had country discos galore, not to mention heading out to the North Star and the Excelsior with fake id.


    Maybe the difference is, id is harder to fake so the drinking is more likely to be in public? I don't know, but in my experience, there is less of a 'problem' now than there was when I was young.


    But wotsit, you still haven't said where you are seeing all these drunk kids in public? I have to be curious as to why you are hanging around where they are...

  8. 'Don't go around actively encouraging this sort of behaviour in public'

    OK 1) who is encouraging it?
    2) what behaviour?

    Blame the parents all you like, I don't know about you though, but I lied to my parents. 'No, I'm not going to the cross for new year, I'm going to a party'. And who can remembers da fort at midsummer? Anyone complaining about 'kids now' did not experience 'kids then'.

    So wotsit, where are you seeing all this underage drinking in public? How often? How many kids? What is the behaviour that you find an issue? What are you doing to address the issue, other than having a pleepse online?

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