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  1. As the mother of two teenagers, IMO there is a lot less underage drinking than there was when I was a teenager. 'Becoming socially acceptable?' Haha. Nope, the parents probably don't have short memories, and remember what it was like when they (we?) were young. I don't think it is any more socially acceptable now than it was 30 years ago.
  2. Technically you can pay tax from the moment you are born, should you be earning enough. National Insurance, however, starts at age 16.
  3. And how many adults fully understand what's going on? How many know how to solve it? I think you give adults to much credit and the youth not enough.
  4. I think the young voters are generally much more engaged with politics that we were when I was that age, in part due to social media and here in Scotland due to the independence campaign. Politics is much more visible and accessible than it used to be. Are all young people engaging with politics? No. But then I know many adults that don't engage with politics (and I know two people that proudly declare that have never voted). At the moment, people aged 18 to 118+ can vote. Adding another two years of people is unlikely to suddenly swing the vote as dramatically as you seem to think.
  5. What sort of strong religious convictions would be an issue? Being a church elder, perhaps?
  6. Frankie's fish is better, but the forts chips are much, much better.
  7. Scorrie, they have a number of high profile lib dem ex-MP's that could be fielded - it wouldn't have to be an unknown...
  8. Thanks for that, I'd totally recommend her!
  9. Hi Can anyone recommend a massage therapist - preferable someone that does deep tissue work and knows about trigger points, and is happy to work on glutes (covered or oiled, I don't mind). I have tried a couple of places in Lerwick (a physio and a beauty therapist) but haven't found what I'm looking for.
  10. Hmm, how long has the Folk Festival been at Islesburgh? A long time, anyway.
  11. How is the O2 coverage now? I've heard they are may sharing with Vodafone, so was wondering if it was better? (They have far better deals than Vodafone IMO) Thanks
  12. Glad you have an alternative, but I'm a bit confused by, if SLS is an issue for you, you would buy a product without checking first. Healthcraft isn't far either btw.
  13. Shetland Soap Company in 'uses chemicals commonly used in toiletries' shock! If you want to avoid SLS, you need to look for products that actively promote themselves as not containing them. I'm curious, SB, to know what you usually have in your bathroom cabinet - there are not that many products on shop shelves that dont use these things. Try going to Healthcraft instead.
  14. Saw on Facebook, when exactly? I take it you don't drive the road if you are basing this on what you 'saw on Facebook'? I drive the road almost daily. Yes, the day it was done it wasn't great, but gone are the days when the SIC chipped the roads and it took forever to be clear of chips - things have improved since then. The road will be absolutely fine by the weekend (it's pretty much fine now).
  15. 'Fuss about nothing' springs to mind. The chips will be well and truly bedded in or swept off within a week. It's a busy road, and it's already nearly free of chips.
  16. did anyone read that dreadful review in the paper? What did you think? it certainly didn't reflect my experience of Mareel on HMB night.
  17. If the figures are to be believed: Shetland's population increased between 2001 and 2011. Shetland's population decreased by 100 in 2012. Both can be correct.
  18. The box office works in such a way that you can add tickets and you get an hour or so to pay for them, during which time it looks like they have sold. If they don't get paid for they are released back for sale - which is why there may have been some tickets a bit later on.
  19. The story will be in the Shetland Times this Friday I believe. One of the affected families lives near me, and I know that the police are involved. I think it is unlikely that someone has 'tidied up' items that havd been there for teens of years, and are securely pinned down. Atrocious behaviour, and I hope the individuals are caught quickly. I don't see any need to criticise most young people, it is blatantly unfair and inaccurate. I have seen some of Shetland's young people posting on Facebook about this very issue - sensitive and mature posts from a generation which, according to biglad are mostly undisciplined.
  20. Central Garage in Brae has laser 4 wheel alignment, brand new equipment.
  21. Nothing wrong with eating horsemeat should you choose to. But the op wasn't complaining about eating horse. He was complaining about the fact it wasn't labelled. And quite rightly so. Who knows what else has made it into the food chain without appearing on the label, that just hasn't been tested for.
  22. I disagree with you that you can't be a Christian and disagree with the church's view on gay people. Christ himself didn't live life according to the old testament. He would not have agreed that adulterers should be stoned, for example. The church takes the bible and chooses its interpretation. Any individual should be free to do the same. Just because you disagree with a particular church's view does not mean you don't adhere to Christian principles. In fact it could be said that bigotry and intolerance are unchristian.
  23. Exactly papastour, they oppose a proposition to make it illegal - therefore they support it being legal.
  24. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/gay-marriage-public-say-church-is-wrong-8431263.html This poll suggests that twice as many are for gay marriage than are against it http://d25d2506sfb94s.cloudfront.net/cumulus_uploads/document/eiy9720btf/YG-Archives-Pol-ST-results-11-130512.pdf This yougov poll suggests a majority - 51% - in favour of gay marriage http://www.populus.co.uk/uploads/OmGay_Rights.pdf This poll found 65% in favour of gay marriage, 27% against.
  25. I see The Golden Coach mentioned. I haven't sat in for a long time - since it first moved there. The prices went up (fair enough), but the portion sizes went down, and I paid quite a lot of money for not very much food. Have the portion sizes improved, or should I stick to getting takeaways from there?
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