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  1. The bible is not the 'word of god'. God did not write the bible. The bible is an interpretation that has been translated and changed as time has gone on. But as you use theft as an example - do you hold that for a thief to be accepted into your heaven, he should cut off the hand that he used during the burglary?
  2. Papastour, you can choose to believe anything you wish. It doesn't make you right. It doesn't make you better. No amount of Christian propaganda will change what I think about this. And I think you are wrong. As does our (not your) MP. And we are just as entitled as you to hold our beliefs. So shout it from the rooftops. If Alastair Carmichael was worried about you telling everyone I'm sure he would have responded to you by now.
  3. Of course the op's letter was threatening - '1. I WILL remember if you vote for this Bill. 2. I WILL hold you to account for it. 3. I WILL tell all my friends and family and to all the public in Shetland Islands your views and how you acted. ' The only problem is that it's not much of a threat. In my circle the majority of people are not bigots, and support equality in marriage. I think the number of people that think like the op are rightly reducing in number.I'm sure everyone would agree that slavery is an abomination, but the fight for it to be abolished was tough and the result was far from a foregone conclusion 100 years ago some people were against votes for women. In 100 years from now the fact that this was such a contentious issue will be looked at in a similar way, I'm sure. Well done Mr Carmichael for making the right choice.
  4. It may well be a good thing if they do, considering what I've heard about key stock lying waiting for the boat for one of these local suppliers. Even local suppliers rely on freight getting here.
  5. Well I thought he was really good, so I'm chuffed to have bought my tickets for September. Anyone else going? http://www.shetlandboxoffice.org/whats-on/ed-byrne-roaring-forties
  6. DOes anyone know what the roads are like now, Lerwick to Brae?
  7. Check the clock on your meter - it's possible that things that should be on at off-peak are being charged at higher rates if the clock on the meter is out. Having said that, in a similar house about three years ago I was paying £120 per month, it's not that far away from that figure, considering price rises since then.
  8. I'm not sure of the impact on the halls, but nothing would ever change if that was the way we looked at life. Electricity? What about the impact on the Tilly lamp industry? Flying? What about the impact on shipping? Much of the market that the halls have is very much locally based, Mareel won't have an impact on that. It's really one-off events that might affect the halls, but I don't think it should be too significant. That is my opinion only, someone may be along with an active involvement with halls that has some knowledge on the matter.
  9. To balance things up a little: I f.....g love Mareel. I've been at concerts, films, workshops and talks. It's a fabulous resource, and one I hope that will be successful and around for a long time to come. I have to laugh at someone complaining that it's not big enough - the biggest complaint before was that it was too big to be sustainable. Can't please everyone - but I know a lot of very pleased Mareel-goers.
  10. I'm with EDF, and in event of a power cut, the number I phone is the Scottish Hydro number, as they are still responsible for the lines. My electricity comes back on at the same time as my Hydro-electric neighbours... no problems there. Shop around though, don't assume E-on will be best for you.
  11. Are they getting paid while out there?
  12. I'm in a HHA house. In all the houses in my scheme, I can only think of one that would receive full housing benefit. Obviously, I don't know the exact financial circumstances, but there is only one house where there isn't at least one adult working full time. But why let facts get in the way of ill-informed speculation.
  13. Where in the north mainland is good to see the northern lights? I only saw a vague glow from the house last night, and never usually see anything from here.
  14. They had technical problems, your radio is fine.
  15. Excellent! Have bookmarked the link, it is exactly what is needed!
  16. I find it interesting that they have said in regards to the reservation of seats that they can't do it straight away because they need seat plans etc designed. Surely they need thd same seat plans to do 'best available' seats - otherwise there would be no way that these seats could be allocated through online booking. They can't surely be manually allocating seats once the booking has been made.
  17. Kavi, I had the same issue once, but had my booking reference and when I gave them that they found it no problem. Now I always just quote that and they find the bookings quicker and easier. That doesn't help your disappointment, that's really not good
  18. Are you joking? The revolving door, certainly when I used it yesterday, went at whatever speed you pushed it at...
  19. Early bird tickets are for screenplay/ wordplay events booked before 31st August, iirc.
  20. You can hire out screen 2, and choose your own film. It would be expensive on your own, but it seems quite reasonable if you have 30 or so friends to join you.
  21. They will be showing batman, they have said so. I'm not sure about Prometheus though.
  22. Okay, so film festivals should only show films that are less than 13 years old. Got it. I'm sure that the same people would still be moaning if Mareel had had a couple of weeks of new films before Screenplay started and interrupted the 'new films' There's no pleasing some folk.
  23. Only one popular film? Maybe you are very young. Chariots of Fire and Local Hero are both very popular films. Not recent, admittedly, but very popular. And just because a film isn't so well known, that doesn't automatically qualify it as 'arty'.
  24. To suggest screenplay is about 'arty' implies that you haven't looked at the film listings for Screenplay. It's about quality, in whichever form that comes. The big name films are coming. Screenplay is just ten days long. And will get a lot of people through the doors. You should have seen the poor woman on the desk at Islesburgh on Saturday - she was rushed of her feet selling tickets to Screenplay and Wordplay.
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