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  1. can anyone recommend a good reliable builder/construction firm to erect a housing kit.
  2. i just wish celtic, rangers & all other fans would let it just die and move on - what has happened has happened, no point in looking back - but its clear to see some fans still can't let it go.... nor the SPL/SFA as to celtic suing for lost revenue on champions league - celtic didn't lose out because of EBTs, the simply lost qualification to the Champions League as they did not win the league that specific year or won at the qualifying rounds.. Celtic are a big club & could of easily spent good money to bring good players in, which they did.. So the matter of the fact is celtic just didn't have the players to win the games to qualify for champions league... EBT is a tax case not a footballing case.. Its the same for Aberdeen - Stuart Milne has millions, probably more in his bank than the celtic owner(s) but he doesn't spend his money not because he doesn't want to - Aberdeen simply don't have the fan base anymore to justify him spending millions of pounds on players to come and play in a half empty stadium... last game attendance 9,288 (so much for the Save Our Saturday) campaign....
  3. i heard on the grapevine that the someone placed an advert on shetlink relating to the 'old school centre' in firth/mossbank for sale. does anyone know the seller, or where i can find the advert.
  4. any nice places outside of lerwick and not including the delting area, that i can take the wife out for a meal and couple of drinks.
  5. Who's laughing know - THE TAX MAN -
  6. Instead of these proposed cuts, I would like to see the councillors take a pay cut of about 15-20% and the Chief Executive take a 30-35% pay cut and lead by example.
  7. is anyone with plusnet for broadband and phone... My service provider 'vodafone at home' have just notified me that their service will be transferred to plusnet... Just wanting to hear other people opinion on 'plusnet' services & if any good in shetland.
  8. i'm with Vodafone home-broadband.. excellent price, good service...
  9. pick up the phone and ask them..... but i seriously doubt what you heard is true, no breaks & no hot food, sub standard PPE. No one in this day & age will put with those conditions. Then again it may some people wanting to stir the hornets nest
  10. 99 problems 'Jay Z' under & over it 'five finger death punch' cochise 'audio slave' paradise city 'guns n roses'
  11. Why are flybe fights out of shetland so damn expensive at last minute.. I am trying to get away tomorrow morning and i'm being quoted £374 return (aberdeen).. Yet if i was to book 4 months in advance its £139.. Surely flybe are taking the p i s s with the prices.
  12. "By September 2006 demand had grown so much that Mrs Inkster was unable to supply bears to Mrs Ramsay’s Shetland Fudge Company and other shops in the run up to Christmas. The following January Mrs Ramsay started selling her own teddy bears under the name The Shetland Teddy Bear Company." So Mrs Ramsay starts selling her own teddy bears, basically stealing Mrs Inkster's Idea and design.. Sorry Mrs Ramsay, but I'm backing Mrs Inkster.
  13. this man is nothing more that a complete moron and needs locked up.
  14. service 2nd to none, shops... s**t. i think whoever makes the decision about new stores opening in the town centre needs a reality check, as the big clothes store, music stores, food chains etc are the streets only hope of surving against a certain supermarket & internet shopping. but as this is shetland and the folk who make the decisions do not seek change nor progress within lerwick... the big stores from the mainland will never be allowed in.
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