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  1. Hi just wondered if you were still setting up business here ? thansk
  2. Nipped to flames at lunch time and it was all locked up also noticed that when I drove past this evening that it was in darkness - any one ken if the opening times have changed? Or if it's closed down?
  3. Hi Just wondering if you guys could advise me on where is doing Christmas Day Meals in Lerwick this year, and if anyone has had any experience good or bad of Christmas Meals out. Thanks in Advance
  4. You should probably be aware that you will only find out if you get a room once you get there, we had to spend 4 nights in different b&b's in Aberdeen and had to phone in every day at 2 to see if they had space for us, it was a nightmare. once we got in it was fine, stress free, meet folk in the same situation as yourselves and you can rest in a home environment. sometimes they offer the expectant mother a bed on a ward if there is no rooms in the isles acco block but fathers have to find a b&b or a friends couch.
  5. The film listing for Mareel is a Joke !! Where are all the new films ? For goodness sake we have waited a long time to have a decent cinema and up to date films....
  6. We camp down there now and then, we always ask for permission from the farmer, he and his wife are lovely folk and will tell you the good and bad places to pitch your tent.
  7. I heard it has something to do we the Jarl Squad not being in Shetand, but I dont knw if thats right or not
  8. Stevo.....Yes Shetland has a traffic warden, I ken this as I seen him the other week about 2pm, walking past the 6 cars that were parked on the single yellow line on Knab Road
  9. My son calls his step dad "dad" this was a choice he made when he was about 7, he is now 14 and continues to call him "dad". His biological father took nothing to do with him from the age of 2. I remember the day when he asked "since J*** does stuff with me like dads do with thier sons, can I call him Dad? will you ask him for me Mam?" I would never have asked him to do it
  10. Speak to the lovely lady in nimble fingers (bolts) she will ken folk that would be able and willing to help
  11. ^^^^^^ Is this true ? are we finally getting a new traffic warden ?? Look out you lot that park on the single yellow line on Knab road
  12. I Have to agree, on the three occasions that I have found my self in A and E at the Gilbetbain I have found the nursing staff and doctors fantastic. On two of the three occasions I ended up on the ward for a week or so, where I found the ward staff to be very attentive especially the staff on night duty....Also (another positive) the food last time I was in (november) was excellent a huge improvement from the previous visit.
  13. Over the past few years i have put our used cards to the collection point in the post office in bolts. Not sure if its for recycling or charity use. Hopefully they will be doing it again this year
  14. Who provides your internet and what do you think of the service ? anyone with Talk Talk ?
  15. A pate with melba toast. Mackerel ? chicken liver ? duck and orange ? pork and mushroom ?smoked fish ? prawn and salmon ? soooooo many to choose from, and so easy to do
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