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  1. Does anyone know when the new series starts?
  2. Yes it is an Orkney company - Bathroom World, also stocking Fired Earth tiles, Aga's and Rayburns.
  3. Going back to the Planning issues. The actual developers should be more accountable and that is what the Planning Department are trying to encourage - developers shoudl be taking more responsiblity for what they are proposing the build on our landscape. Everyone has to make a living, but when financial gain is to the detriment of our beautiful landscape, its dreadful.
  4. The food reviews in the Shetland Life are bang on. At last someone is publishing what we are all thinking.
  5. I would like to see Tesco come to Shetland, Somerfields range is very poor and not a British vegetable in sight. Co-op not really much better.
  6. Hi, would anyone happen to know a good website featuring Up Helle Ah to send to someone in Iceland? He is travelling to Shetland to see it and thought it woudl be good to send him a link. Thanks
  7. The best reestit mutton this year is fae the Scalloway Meat Co if anyone is interested.
  8. I think this may be an Environmental Services issue and may be an idea to speak to them.
  9. Yes, the buildings next the the Salvation Army need knocking down. Its an eye sore for locals as well as folk getting their first taste of Lerwick wandering into the centre off the boat in a morning.
  10. I know from family who have B&B in Shetland, guests often (not all though) comment on how bleak Lerwick looks. I was thinking more of the shop fronts, refuse boxes placed at the sides of buildings rather than in front etc.............. Maybe i have nothing to do today..........!
  11. Does anyone else think Lerwick is in need of a bit of a face lift? It seems to be so run down in parts and not only in need of a good clean up, but money spent on completely rejuvenating Commercial Road. Its all so bleak and dreery looking.
  12. The dry cleaners in town offer a sewing service. Could try them.
  13. Heard really good reports about that place. The Sarmile is the best curry house in Britain. Cafe India in Glasgow is second best.
  14. On Wednesday this week we were due to fly to Edinburgh and to cut a long story short, we were given dinner vouchers to go across to the local hotel to get something to eat. It had to be seen to be belived the food they were serving. We ordered from the menu and basically couldn't eat anything on the plate. Soup, inedible as was the salad, beef stroganoff and vegetable sir fry. I dont know who could have been in the kitchen to have served up food like that. There were a good few moans and groans going on, but none of the staff seemed to be bothered. When our waitness came to collect out plates, she saw very little had been eaten but didn't ask us why. Im not sure as to who one should direct a comment/complaint to, but BA/Loganair will be informed. Im sure they have a huge contract with this hotel and to serve food like that to anyone is a disgrace. Its now Friday and i still can't get over how bad that food was!
  15. You can't beat potted mackerel Fillet mackerel, roll as you would herring, bake in oven with half balsamic vinegar to brown sugar for about one hour in low oven. I noticed coming through Edinburgh airport today in Jenners they had sliced smoked farmed halibut. Couldn't buy because of restrictions but would have been interesting to taste.
  16. Great idea to have some artwork in and around town. Its needing to be brought to life with some art and lighting that means something to the community. There doesn't seem to have been anything "cultural" in town for a long long time. The Gloup memorial is very inkeeping and an incredible piece of art.
  17. Many thanks for the advice on advertising and the interest that may be shown from folk on the mainland to participate. I will certainly pursue that as soon as we see how this one goes on the 6th. This event was organised to raise awareness of mental health in Shetland, and if we were to advertise the event nationally, then promoting the islands can only be a good thing. Yes, i always find it a bit strange that still lots of folk dont know where Shetland is. Dont they look at the weather map on tv?
  18. Nice one! As one of the orgaisers for this event, we have been overwhelmed by the support shown. Upwards to 120 participants so far. If its a success our first year, will definately make it an annual event.
  19. As a caterer, i question where i could source quality salmon products in Shetland like the ones produced by the Smokehouse. A terrible blow for the Shetland economy and its staff.
  20. The children may like a trip to the Scatness Broch down at Sumburgh. I think the opening hours are sign posted. Its actually near the airport and Jarlshof. They do all the dressing up as vikings as part of the tour.
  21. The Shetland Vistor magazine is not bad this year. Mentions probably everything Shetland has to offer. You can pick them up in the tourist office. Hope you have a nice time.
  22. Judge


    An annual event at The Fort would be great. Some good local bands, good stewarding, good seating areas and good bar service would be great. The Flavour of Shetland on the pier is a great showcase for Shetland and if Shetland could have a handful of annual events organised professionally, for locals and visitors, im sure it would be a great success. Yes, it costs money, but what better way to spend some!
  23. I think it would be good to see some money spent on jazzing the town up a bit. Perhaps new street lighting, nice seating areas in and around town, big flower boxes, good toilet facitlities in Lerwick and outwith town. I think demoloshing some of the eye sores you see in Lerwick would be a good start. The likes of that old hut thing next to the Salvation Army place would be a start..............
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