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  1. I agree with the above comment. A lot of people are also not happy with the standard of journalism recently, it as bad as The Sun in some cases.Not many young folk actually buy it now.
  2. I totally disagree. We don't have the talent in sculpture that is required for the project, and you want the best talent available from anywhere,not just local. Most of the people complaining don't want any money wasted on art, but it is art money it can't be used for other services as some folk think. There is definitely a need for more art work around the streets and hills of Shetland. Look at any other country.
  3. They don't own the building at Garthspool, only rent the premises.
  4. There will certainly be problems at the busy times when queues are out the door. Conochies is busy enough at present at certain times.The main post office provides a lot of services not done at Bolts.
  5. Ryan has always been very vocal as a councilor and speaks a lot of sense. Beatrice is hardly ever heard. The whole brexit carry on will make all the difference to who wins. The fishermen hate the SNP because they want to stop brexit. Loads of non fishermen want to stop it, it will be interesting.
  6. A polycrub is more suited to the Shetland weather. www.polycrub.co.uk
  7. I use Family Tree Maker. The Shetland Family History Group uses Brother's Keeper. There are others that may be better. You can buy census disks from the family history website.
  8. The man is a big bully. I've never liked him since he tried to throw out the farmer that was staying near his golf course. And judging by recent court cases in America he may not be in the job for long.
  9. There is a shortage of social care workers if you are interested in that kind of work.
  10. Accommodation will be the biggest problem. It is very expensive but you may be lucky.Good luck.
  11. "How much would a bog basic linkspan cost for her?" I think it would need far more than a bog standard linkspan. The ramp in Lerwick is twice the width it had to be just to fit the Norrona.
  12. I thinked the Smyril Line always hoped for huge oil finds around Faroe, then they would build up trade between Aberdeen and Faroe and Norway, via Shetland. It never happened.
  13. Had a set meal for 4 from Phusiam last week. Excellent value, enough to last 2 days. £50 for 4, only thing was the soup was to spicy. Everything else was excellent.
  14. Did anybody take on the vacant Kia agency in Shetland. Does any garage do servicing on Kias to maintain the 7 year warranties?
  15. tirvaluk

    Yoga or Pilates

    Hazel Thomson does yoga classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights. She can be contacted at hazel.t33@btinternet.com
  16. I'm sure the museum would be interested in your films. Maurice Smith in Sandwick may be able to help, Cumliewick Media, in the phone book.
  17. What does it matter how many off licences there are when anyone can purchase as much drink as they like on line.
  18. This must be a wind up, Unst people are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet.
  19. Give the lass a chance, she will be great.
  20. I was told by a truck driver that squads will not get any trucks next year due to insurance difficulties. I think there is already enough rules covering drinking on buses without the council getting involved.
  21. There is a gym at the Boddam football pitch, not sure how you join.
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