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  1. Yes, EImskip and Samskip do sail from England, but however, they do not want people to join them. I have asked them already! Thansk for the website-link. Ill take a look. Jóhanna
  2. I wish to go home to Iceland on sea (not because of volcano... I thought it would be adventurous.) There used to be a ferry going from Aberdeen to the Faroe Islands, connecting to the ferry there going to Iceland. There isn't any more. So I am looking for an alternative way to get home... without having to fly. I have narrowed it down to the bit between the Shetlands and Faroe Islands (or Icleand... if that would be possible). The ferry leaves for Iceland on monday the 24th of may. Is there anyone sailing this rute, or might be able to tell me where to find someone, that would take on adventurous passangers or volenteers? I am in Glasgow at the moment and will be here until around the 12th of may. Anything after that is good. With hope of good replies Jóhanna Björk
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