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  1. So a year and a half later I am finally popping up in my EV, just wondering if Boddam has it's charger installed? I can't find it on the charing apps or network websites. I should be fine as the car has 200mile range and I am staying somewhere with a charger. I'll definitely be using the Rapid Charger at Gilbertson Park though. Are there many EVs in Shetland? I know of an i3 owner.
  2. Yeah from 0% to 100% it has taken me as little as 10 hours on my 3pin. When you first plug it in it says 18hrs Should rarely be at 0% though.
  3. Hi, my cars range is typically 90-100miles. Which is enough for the length of Shetland. Once the Rapid charger is in town that will be a great hub for a quick 30min charge (from empty) with others charging between 1hr and 3hrs. We also have a 3pin plug if we stay the night anywhere far away from a charger and out of range. Hopefully by the time we come up though we will have one with 250+ mile range. Thank you. Some of the charge maps I am using aren't showing all of these so this is really handy.
  4. Hello, I am looking to come up in the new year to Shetland in my EV (Electric Vehicle), just wondering if anyone on here has used the Chargers in Shetland and if they're reliable?
  5. Apparently it was the butcher that contacted the press. Don't know If he realised what would happen. Maybe he saw it as a light hearted story and they put their spin on it.
  6. haha Well that butchers has lost £400 worth of custom. If it is combined with training (like this was) I don't care if it turned into the helicopter version of a party bus.
  7. I have only been to the Garrison once to see a movie, there is many reasons not to go again. I can't wait to be able to watch movies in Mareel when I am up north, a major factor is comfort. Now I'm not saying Mareel could be filled for that reason, but I can see it being a reason that more people will go to Mareel than currently go to the Garrison.
  8. Yeah the drums are a little low in the mix for me too haha. Once I have perfected the solos I will post the covers up with improved mixing. The Synth/Keyboard I pinched from Dream Theater but considering giving it a bash. All Bass, Guitar and Drum Programming by me. Because I have no Drum Kit I use Superior Drummer 2.0 to program the drums so although I mapped them out I can't claim credit for how good they sound
  9. Hi, I have been recording an album and I am in the final steps of re-recording Guitars and when I want a little break from it then I've been recording some Dream Theater covers. Here is a TINY clip from one, if you fancy hearing more I will post some once they are finished. http://soundcloud.com/ichorus1/dream-theater-shattered
  10. Tell that to Whitelee. (120,000 visitors in 12months) YASSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Chuffed
  11. I can't believe people are still moaning. People were like this with the museum and everything else built in shetland that was ever a success or ended up a failure. They remember and go on and on about the failures and forget the successes because their claims were so ridiculously wrong about it. I can't wait for Mareel and I live in Glasgow now. I will definitely be up to see it, see a show and watch some movies....would even consider playing a show or two. If I ever move back I will be making full use of it...and hopefully get involved in some way.
  12. Shoot The Messenger is no more. (been no more for 2 years) ichorus - coming soon!
  13. I thought Topiary wanted to steal someones name to potentially frame them somewhere down the line so he took the name from this Shetlander who was being annoying on the internet..? That was my understanding of it. And I prefer it that way because it means someone got arrested for being an ass on the internet and that should happen more often Also I'm inclined to believe they got the wrong guy simply because sabu is posting all over twitter that they got the right guy and if a) it's the real topiary then they'd be too smart to admit that he has involvement with lulzsec in such a public place and if it isnt the real Topiary that's been arrested, then they probably think theyre really smart by playing along with it in public, and then the real Topiary stopping all public internet activity I like some of what they do, and the Westboro Baptist Church deserves everything it gets, and I am also impressed at their technical skills, but they still seem like self obsessed immature idiots to be honest Yes I heard that Topiary was using a scottish persons (likely this shetlander) identity to take the heat off of him. Maybe its true, maybe it worked. we will hear officially soon enough.
  14. Yassssssssssssssssss!!!!! What could Billy Fox really have done for Shetland? It's good to see the amount of people who complained about the windfarm voting for him. No stupid stats people, it does not say 30% of Shetlanders wanted him in, it does not mean it's the equivalent of millions in Britain voting for him (refering to the march against the windfarm) It's 2500+ people! And in this sort of situation more people who support him would have gone and voted, where as others who lean towards other parties may happily stay at home.
  15. 350 out of a 700 strong membership of Sustainable Shetland? Hardly a good comparison. I'd like to know how many are not members of Sustainable Shetland. As I have said before, I must have missed the protests against Total digging up 236,000 cubic metres of peat from Sullom Voe.
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